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Poop Bags - Unscented

Poop Bags - Unscented

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  • Available in packs of 8, 18, and 35 rolls with 15 bags per roll
  • Easy to use and dispose of dog poop on the go
  • Durable bright orange bags withstand poop of all sizes
  • Includes refillable dispenser with zip tie to attach to leashes, harnesses, or tote bag
  • Biodegradable to minimize pollution, one bag at a time  


Nothing is worse than stepping in doggy doo doo, even if the culprit is your own cute and furry friend. So, clean up that crap at the dog park, on the sidewalk, or during your neighborhood stroll! Stay prepared and dispose of it easily with Angry Orange poop bags. 

Available in packs of 8, 18, and 35 rolls, these bright orange and durable biodegradable poop bags help discard your dog’s dookie in one tiny, tidy package. That way, you can keep all common outdoor spaces stink and poop-free. 

Store the bags in our convenient, bone-shaped refillable holder. Attach it to your dog’s leash, harness, or a bag so you won’t get caught empty-handed when Fido’s gotta go. 

Whether you’re cleaning after a mini chihuahua or a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, these bags are tough enough to avoid breakage and leaks. And they’re simple to use, too! So you can dump that dump in the trash and go about your business quickly after your dog does theirs. 


  • Take out one of the bags from the dispenser
  • Turn the bag inside out and place your hand inside
  • With your hand safely in the inverted bag, pick up your dog’s poop
  • Turn the bag right side out
  • Tie up the bag tightly & dispose of it 
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