Hacks for Sparkling Dishes and a Clean Kitchen

Hacks for Sparkling Dishes and a Clean Kitchen

Tips for Sparkling Dishes and a Clean Kitchen


When it comes to kitchen cleaning, the phrase, “Everything but the kitchen sink,” doesn’t really apply. It’s time to refresh your dish washing routine to keep your dishes and kitchen sink from stinking up your kitchen. Here are some tips for organizing your dishwashing routine and keeping your kitchen clean.


Organize Your Dish Routine

Does anyone else get overwhelmed by a sink full of dirty dishes? Keep your dish washing routine easy by placing your dirty dishes in a plastic bin next to the sink. Then, your sink will be clear so you can easily wash and rinse one dish at a time.

If you’re washing your dishes by hand, work from cleanest to dirtiest. No one wants to get grease on their glassware. It’s also a great way to conserve water. When you wash the cleanest dishes first, you don’t have to drain water from your sink after every dish.  

Not washing by hand? Here’s a dishwasher hack. Sort your silverware as you put it in the dishwasher. This will make unloading a breeze.


The Key to Clean

If you’ve had the chance to try our Dish Soap, you might have noticed the lack of suds in your sink. Even though it might feel like your dishes are cleaner if your water has more bubbles, suds aren’t the key to cleaner dishes. While our Dish Soap doesn’t produce a sink of soapy water you might have come to associate with clean dinnerware, it will keep your dishes clean, easy-to-rinse, and residue-free.


Remove the Stink from Your Sink

Did you know your sink might be one of the dirtiest places in your home? Clean your sink after each use. Keeping your sink clean between uses will stop grime from building up. Kitchen & Bath Scrubber is great for deep cleaning your sink, but if you’re just giving it a quick scrub, Dish Soap can do the trick. 

It’s important to let your sink dry between cleaning. Leaving behind pools of water after cleaning your dishes or your sink can increase the chance of bacteria growing in your sink.


Sometimes You Need a Break

“I love washing dishes!” said, no one ever.

It’s okay to cut yourself some slack when it comes to cleaning your kitchen. Let your dishes soak before scrubbing, or try the “One Soapy Sponge” trick. This trick will split up your dish washing routine. Just clean as many dishes as you can with one soapy sponge and then take a break before coming back to finish the rest. 

There are tons of ways to make cleaning your dishes and sink easier, but none of them will do all the work for you. Our kitchen bundle can help lessen the load with products that are tough on dirt and grime.

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