Thinking Green: How Can Your Family Help the Environment?

Thinking Green: How Can Your Family Help the Environment?

If you’re anything like the BETTER LIFE team, you’re already doing what you can to give mother nature a helping hand. But, adding one more thing to your pile of daily chores can make that pile start to look more like a mountain. That’s why we have a few easy ways for you and your family to show your appreciation for the environment.


Banish It or Bulk Up

Ever done some optimistic grocery shopping? We’re talking buying that extra bag of fresh green beans in the hopes that your green-bean-despising son will have a miraculous change of heart. It’s good to want your kids to be healthy, but it’s also good to realize how much food is going to waste in your home every week. Keep track of which foods you’re buying from week to week and, if your family’s not eating them, it might be time to leave them off the list. Maybe green beans aren’t your son’s thing, but he sure does love baby carrots!

On the flip side, it might be time to start bulking up on foods your family eats a lot of. If a food has a long shelf-life like pasta or raisins, buying in bulk can reduce the amount of plastic packaging your family is purchasing. And your family has plenty of time to scarf those food items down.


Get Out and About

Speaking of food, take the family to the local farmer’s market. Go on a hike. Take a trip to your local park. Explore nature. Get some of that restless little kid energy out and help them to foster an appreciation for nature. A little love can go a long way in protecting the environment. And all that running around will definitely get them to bed at a decent hour…right?


Sharing is Caring

It seems like you just bought a new pair of shoes for your daughter a few weeks ago. How are her feet growing so quickly? Kids grow fast. That’s a lot of extra clothes, shoes, bottles, beds, bikes, toys (need we go on?) that you won’t be needing anytime soon. Clean out those closets, clear up some space, and donate things you might normally throw away.


Get Crafty 

Before you throw those used plastic bottles out, consider getting crafty. Turn bottles into fun pots for your household plants, create a piggy bank for your kids or poke some holes in a bottle and attach it to the end of your garden hose to make a sprinkler. There are endless ways to reuse the plastic in your house. If you’re feeling optimistic, spread the craft supplies out on your table and let your kids in on the fun. You might be surprised what they come up with.


Be Conscious 

Buy products from companies with values that align with yours. Being a conscious consumer is a simple way to stay friendly with the environment. BETTER LIFE products are made from natural ingredients, have fewer warning labels, and are never tested on animals. And our cleaners pack a powerful punch against any mess! (Remember those crafts they created on your table?)

Thinking green is about the small changes you can make in your daily life. Take a look around your home and discover all the ways your family can go green. It may be easier than you think!

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