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Granite is a common type of igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar. It's also one of the most durable natural materials and can be found in an array of colors and textures, leaving tons of options for every kitchen and bath you can imagine. Did you know...the granite industry is considered one of the oldest industries in the world? The use of granite and marble building materials dates back as far as Ancient Egypt!

With so much history, one would think that taking care of granite and stone household features would be a simple task. Even though all you need are simple techniques to make sure your granite countertops shine for years to come, small mistakes could cause ugly stains and wreak havoc on beautiful stone features. 

Follow these simple do's and don'ts to keep your granite and stone features looking like new:

DO: Use a Safe and Non-Toxic Cleaner

Most common name brand household cleaners (like bleach) contain acids, ammonia and other harsh chemicals that could lift the sealant on your granite and leave it more vulnerable to staining. Save yourself time and money by using Better Life's Stunning Granite and Stone Cleaner to safely address all your granite cleaning needs. 

DO: Use a Cutting Board When Chopping Citrus

That's right. Even the acids in lemons and oranges can eat at your granite sealer, so be sure to use a cutting board when cutting citrus fruits and keep products containing lemon, orange and other fruity scents off of all granite surfaces. 

DO: Clean-Up Spills Right Away

Although sealed granite keeps stains from occurring, practicing proactive maintenance is super important when it comes to granite and stone maintenance. The last thing anyone wants is a set stain on top of their beautiful granite features. 

DON'T: Use Rough Sponges or Brushes on Your Granite and Stone Surfaces


Over time, using rough items to clean your granite or stone can create superficial scratches on surfaces. These scratches can multiply and leave you with dull looking floors, walls, and countertops before you even realize it. Use a soft microfiber cloth and dust mop with a microfiber mop whenever cleaning.

DON'T: Expect That Your Surfaces are Sealed

Maintenance is key when taking care of granite and stone. Doing a seasonal check of your sealed surfaces will allow you to gauge if resealing needs to occur. Addressing maintenance issues regularly will help you avoid future stains and scratches. 

Keeping to these steps will ensure your investment in beautiful household stone and granite features is money well spent. Feel free to always shoot us questions for product recommendations so we can help you choose the best Better Life product for your home!

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