Starting the New Year with Your Family

Starting the New Year with Your Family

Chances are you’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past. You’ll go to the gym more or cut down on that three cups of coffee a day habit. Chances are you’ve broken your fair share of New Year’s resolutions as well. This year it might be time to try a new kind of resolution, one you can share with the whole family.

At BETTER LIFE®, we’re looking at resolutions that better ourselves and our families. Here are a few you may want to try. It’s time to team up and conquer those resolutions together!


Word of the Day

Looking to expand your horizons? A word a day is a great way to start. Get a word of the day calendar and put it somewhere your whole family can see. Try to use it at work or challenge everyone to make up silly sentences around the dinner table.


Memory Jar

A year goes by fast. It can be hard to remember all the fun you’ve had. A memory jar is a great way to take a look back at all the good things that have happened. Just grab any sort of container and every time something nice happens, even if it’s small, write it down and stick the note in the jar. Before the next year begins, you and your family can read through the memories. It’s the perfect way to end the year! It’s also a great tool to help you stay positive all year long.


Turn off the Technology

Set aside some time to put down your phones. It doesn’t have to be long. Maybe you can implement a rule. No phones, tablets, TVs, or computers for an hour or two after work. Start some hobbies like jogging or kicking a ball around with the kids. Pick up that book you never finished. Cook dinner with your kids. Enjoy these small moments with your family.


Be Together

With work, school, after school activities, and homework, it can be hard to carve out an hour in a day. Make it a goal to spend more time with each other this year. Go on family outings to the park or local museums. Have a movie or game night. If your family has a busy schedule, try to eat dinner together at least once a week.


But, Not All the Time… 

Sometimes you need a break. Mom and dad, it’s time for a few date nights. Get a babysitter and go out to that new restaurant that just opened up, see the latest movie release, or go on an evening stroll. Take a night off every once in a while, and enjoy some adult company. You deserve it.

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