Safe Natural Cleaners that WORK

Eco-friendly, natural cleaners are not necessarily new. Other cleaning companies have tried to jump on the ‘green boat’ and make a product that was good for the environment. We agree in the commitment to a safer product but here lies the problem with the other 'green products' on the market; they wouldn't work. Often times the green cleaner was nothing but a diluted version of the real thing, and diluted clean means diluted effectiveness.

Here at Better Life, we didn't just water-down a cleaning agent that already existed to be considered 'safe'; we created an entirely new product. One that is clean, safe, and most of all, works. We don't want you to sacrifice cleanliness for the sake of avoiding chemicals; we wanted something effective AND safe, and we got it, or rather, YOU got it.

Perhaps you saw our video on NBC's Shark Tank. We rubbed raw chicken on a countertop surface and sprayed our all-purpose cleaner on one side and a leading cleaner on the other. Then, we ran a bacteria test on both sides. Our products not only worked as well, but this one actually worked BETTER than the cleaner full of chemicals that many people thought got things "really clean."

Our products work, and they work very well. Many people have a hard time believing this because for so long, we've equated chemicals with cleanliness. This is very strange considering you have to wash your hands after using most chemicals and swallowing them can be lethal. How clean is that? How have we as a society equated the smell of corrosive and dangerous substances with cleanliness?

That's what makes us different. We have natural cleaners completely free of dangerous substances. They're good for the environment, you don't have to wash your hands afterwards, and you don't have to worry about your kids getting sick on the things that are supposed to keep them healthy.

But just as important, they're effective. Our multipurpose cleaner, Whatever, gets all the nasty off your surfaces. Dish It Out dishwashing detergent really gets the gunk off your pots, pans, and plates. Spin Credible laundry detergent really does clean your clothes. Catchy names don’t reduce effectiveness! And take a look at our entire product line: each one was made to do exactly what it’s supposed to do: clean your house, to the fullest extent.

At Better Life, we don't think you should have to choose between clean and safe. On the contrary; don't "clean" and "safe" sound like they should go hand-in-hand? We think so!

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