New Year’s Cleaning Calendar

New Year’s Cleaning Calendar

New Year's Cleaning Calendar


It’s December and you still have time to start your new year off clean, with our downloadable Cleaning Calendar. By the end of January, you’ll be sitting pretty, pretty clean that is. Week by week, room by room, our Cleaning Calendar divides your chores so you can live your best dirt-conquering life.


Week 1 (Jan 1 - 4): Outdoor Chores  

Week one is a short one and we’re betting you don’t plan to do any cleaning on January 1st. Ring in the new year with a rest and spend Thursday-Saturday on outdoor chores like raking the leaves or clearing snow from your sidewalks. Prune your trees and on Saturday clean up your garden and try your hand at planting some bulbs a little late in the season.


Week 2 (Jan 5 – 10): Kitchen Cleanup

Cabinets and counters and appliances, oh my! Our first full week of the new year! If that doesn’t get you excited about kitchen cleaning, we don’t know what will. On the list for week two are things like cleaning out your refrigerator. How many leftovers have you stocked up on over the holidays?


BETTER LIFE’s Kitchen-Cleaning Companions:

For appliance compliance use Kitchen and Bath Scrubber.

Wood cabinets need Wood Polish.

Granite and Stone Cleaner is countertop-catharsis.

Adore your kitchen floors with Floor Cleaner.


A Different Kind of Weekend Holiday (Jan 11 – 12)

You may have noticed we’ve left a Christmas-tree-sized elephant in your home. That’s right, this is our Holiday weekend, a.k.a. time to take the Christmas lights down before the neighbors start gossiping.


Week 3 (Jan 13 – 18): Living Clean in the Living Room

Now that holiday décor is out of the way, you can actually see your windowsills and tabletops…and they’re dirty. Who knows how many people have sat on your couch in the last month? From rug scrubbing, to TV screen clearing, to windowsill wiping, by the end of the week you’ll be ready to rest easy for the next movie night.


BETTER LIFE’s Living-Room-Required Products:

Stain and Odor Eliminator, your rug and couch cushion life-saver.

Keep any floor type bright with Floor Cleaner.

Window-washing Glass Cleaner.

From the tablet on the couch to the TV on the wall, Screen Cleaner cleans them all.

For anything else you might need to give an extra scrub, try All-Purpose Cleaner.


Week 4 (Jan 19 – 25): Scrub the Tub and More

We put it off as long as we could but you’ll have to clean the bathroom eventually. The tub, tiles, toilet, and other things that don’t start with ‘t’ won’t clean themselves. One bathroom-related task a day just might help keep the germs away.


BETTER LIFE’s Tub-Scrubbing Helpers:

Tub and Tile Cleaner for tile, tub, and nearly anything else you need to scrub.

Glass Cleaner keeps the bathroom mirror clear.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner: it’s right there in the name.

Floor Cleaner for rings around the bottom of your toilet, sink, or tub.

All-Purpose Cleaner for all kinds of bathroom-cabinet catastrophes.


Week 5 (Jan 26 – 30): Bedroom Basics

Nothing beats sleeping in clean sheets! We saved the best for last so you can have a nice rest on the last day of the month. Closet cleanout and dresser dusting. A good bedroom cleaning is just what you need for a good night’s sleep and once this week is over you can rest easy knowing you’ve completed your New Year’s Cleaning Calendar!


BETTER LIFE’s Bedroom Bosses:

Wood Polish for dirty dressers and sloppy side tables.

Cleaning your floor isn’t such a chore with Floor Cleaner.

Erase mud from your rug with Stain and Odor Eliminator.

Bedclothes or regular clothes, Laundry Detergent will clean those.

Glass Cleaner so you can see how clean your room is in your mirror’s sparkling reflection.


Download the complete calendar here!

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