Loads of Laundry Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Loads of Laundry Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Loads of Laundry Tips and Tricks


Whether you’re busy switching out your winter threads for your spring and summer clothes, or trying to remove a stain from your favorite pair of pants, we have a few tips and tricks that can help keep your laundry routine easy and eco-friendly.


Eco Friendly Laundry Tricks

Keep it Cool

Most of your clothes can be washed in cold water! This is an easy way to conserve energy, but it will also help keep your clothes from shrinking or fading.

Hang Loose

Skipping the dryer can help conserve energy too. If you have the time and space to hang-dry your clothes, the environment will thank you.

Keep it Compostable

BETTER LIFE Dryer Sheets are compostable and biodegradable, so you won’t be creating extra waste with our 1-time use fabric softeners.


Natural Stain Removers

Lemon and Lime

While not great on colored clothing, lemon and lime juice are perfect for removing sweat or rust stains from white fabric.

Cornstarch and Chalk

Oil and grease stains can be tough, but a sprinkle of cornstarch or chalk can lift them easily. Just let the powder absorb the oil for 10 minutes before removing it and washing your stained item. 

BETTER LIFE Stain and Odor Eliminator

The easiest way to remove even the toughest stains, including coffee, wine, and grass stains. Just spray and scrub. Stain and Odor Eliminator isn’t just great for your clothes. Use it on furniture, carpet, athletic gear, fitness equipment, shoes, and more! 


Quick Tips

Wrinkle-Free Freeze

Toss your wrinkled clothes in the dryer with a few ice cubes. The steam from the ice will smooth out wrinkles in a pinch.

Freshen the Hamper

Cut off the foot of an old pair of pantyhose, fill it with baking soda, and place it in the bottom of your laundry hamper to keep it smelling fresh.

Laundry Cap Goop

Sick of the sticky laundry cap? Next time you toss clothes in your washer, toss the cap in with them. Your cap will come out looking brand new. Just be sure to remove it before throwing your clothes in the dryer.

Boost Your Cleaning Power

Did you go camping for the weekend? Maybe the kids had a muddy soccer game? If your clothes are looking dirtier than usual, try adding an extra 2 oz. of BETTER LIFE Laundry Detergent for 2x the clean.

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