August 02, 2016

Kicking the Chemical Addiction

When I met my husband a few years ago I found out he had a chemical addiction. I loved so many things about him, his sense of humor, his adventurous heart, but this addiction? It had to go. I knew that if we were going to get married and live together one day, especially with my young kids in the house, this bad habit wasn’t coming with him.


I could smell the addiction the minute I walked in his house. I looked in cabinets and under sinks and the evidence was everywhere. Hello there traditional toxic cleaners. And more importantly, good-bye.


My husband was addicted to traditional chemical cleaning products, particularly the wipes, which he kept a container in most every room. This addiction came to him early in life. He was the kid who took apart his dad’s lawn mower to clean it inside and out (I kid you not) and his mom fired cleaning companies because frankly he did a better job. He is a full-blown clean freak and the more toxic chemicals included in the product, the better, so he thought.


My husband is a retired 20 year Special Operations CSM (Army Commander) so convincing him that he didn't and probably wasn't “killing” germs and bacteria was no easy task. I had him read the warning statements on chemical products. They didn’t really phase him. He’s been through worse. After we married I would find and throw away his products only to find them back under the bathroom sink in a week. Argh! I would walk in the room and immediately get the chemical smell and headache that always followed. I showed him how amazing Better Life performed. He started to say things under his breath like, “huh, that got out that stain on the rug” or “that cleaned up fast” after a few scrubs with Kitchen and Bath cleaner on the grout. But still, the chemical products kept reappearing.


One day he was using those chemical wipes in the kitchen after I cut up some raw chicken. I stopped him there. Ok, I said, “I’ve used Better Life for 8 years. I haven’t gotten food poisoning. I stopped getting headaches. I haven’t gotten more bouts of the flu or strep throat, actually I’ve been HEALTHIER. Why are you using those wipes?” He told me he was more comfortable “killing” the germs and bacteria to make sure we were safe. So I had him read the entire label out loud. All of the instructions involved in “killing” were actually quite extensive. He said, “This is nuts, who leaves this stuff wet on a surface for 10 minutes? How much of this do I even need to use to keep the countertop wet for 10 minutes?!”  I asked him if he ever followed those instructions. He said no. Then I said now read the warning labels. “This is a pesticide. On a food surface. I have to rinse the surfaces I use this on, so I’m cleaning twice?” he said. Lightbulb went on. He was only removing before, never killing, and leaving nasty residue behind which isn’t safe for anyone. Got it. You don’t need to kill to clean. Ahhhhhh victory!


It’s really so simple but one of the hardest things I’ve had to convince my loved ones to do – put the chemicals down. And I can’t really blame them, the chemical cleaning addiction is feed through multi-million dollar ad campaigns and fear tactics (kill the germs or else your family is doomed!) and no one wants to have a surface in their home that isn’t truly safe and clean. But again, you don’t have to kill to have a clean surface, you just need to spray/wipe/remove – voilà a clean, safe surface awaits the next mess.


Need some help convincing your loved one? Check out the Shark Tank video when Kevin proved that Better Life removed chicken bacteria BETTER than the toxic traditional cleaner (I think this was the science my husband needed once and for all).  


I was able to convert my husband and I’m so glad I did. No more headaches. No more safety concerns with the kids (oh and the added bonus of natural? We hand off the good wipes and they clean up messes themselves). No more concern over environmental impact. Just clean surfaces, with everything removed that should be and nothing that shouldn’t be (like expensive finishes).  


In honor of Tom’s nasty habit kicked once and for all, Better Life is giving everyone the chance to kick the chemical addiction with 30% OFF Cleaning Wipes this week (August 2 – August 6, 2016). Use code: WIPES30 at checkout. Stock up your house (limit 6 per household) or maybe help someone you love kick the chemical addiction once and for all.


Watch the Shark Tank episode here: