Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Moving

Indoor Activities to Keep Your Kids Moving

It’s not winter, yet, but cold weather is on its way. It can be easy to say it’s too cold outside to do anything more than watch a movie. However, it’s important for kids to stay active all year round. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your family active on those cold winter days.


A Little Hard Work

Simple things like cooking together and cleaning together will get your kids up off the couch for a little while. No, it may not be the most fun way to stay active, but doing chores will get out some of that restless energy. Besides, cooking a meal together is a great way to spend time with family.


Dance Until You Drop

Find the right music and cut a rug. Nothing beats a good dance party. Make it a little more interesting by playing a game like musical chairs or making a rule that everyone has to freeze when the music stops. Teach them some of your favorite moves or make up new ones. Have a dance competition. The possibilities are endless.


Fun with Furniture

Come on, even adults love a good blanket fort. Move some furniture around and create pathways throughout your house. You can even turn it into an obstacle course. Your kids will love crawling under blankets or using pillows to navigate the floor. Sorry, did we say floor? We meant lava…wink-wink.


Play Ball

Soccer and tennis might not be the best choice for indoor sports, but there might be a solution for that…balloons. Balloon ball is the perfect way to let your kids play without worrying about the inevitable destruction of your home. Kick the balloon around or grab some paper plates to use as rackets.


On the Hunt

While you’re on the hunt for things to keep your kids busy, send them on a hunt – a scavenger hunt. Leave clues in different rooms and have them complete tasks at every stop. Help them get in some more exercise by having them do jumping jacks or make it educational and have them practice counting money. Maybe the last stop can be the cookie jar for a nice reward. 

Try putting a limit to TV, tablet, and phone time. There are plenty of crafts and activities to help keep young minds and bodies busy all day long. Kids have great imaginations. Ask for their help and see what you can come up with together.

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