Here's Our Holiday Cleaning List, Check it Twice

Here's Our Holiday Cleaning List, Check it Twice

Here's Our Holiday Cleaning List, Check it Twice

If you’re in charge of hosting this year’s holiday party, you probably have a lot on your plate (and we’re not talking about your Thanksgiving meal). Between cooking, cleaning, and decorating, party hosting is no joke. We have 10 tips to make prepping for the party easy as pie.

  1. Purge the Fridge

Time to clean the old leftovers and expired condiments out of your fridge. Give the inside a good wipe down with our All-Purpose Cleaner and then take time to organize what’s left so you have space for any new groceries or hors d’oeuvres you’ll be preparing before the party. All that extra space will also come in handy for leftovers when the party is over.

  1. Clear the Counters

Give yourself enough counter space to prep. If that means placing your toaster behind cabinet doors or temporarily placing your coffee maker in another room, that’s okay. You can always move things back once the meal madness has ended.

To make your countertops shine before party time, use our Granite and Stone Cleaner.

  1. Musical Chairs

Not a game you want to be playing all party. Make sure you have enough chairs for everyone who’s coming and try to rearrange the furniture so your guests can get around easily.

  1. Drink Detective

Wait, which cup was yours, the one in the living room or dining room? Avoid playing drink detective by asking your guests to label their cups. Try using gift tag stickers to keep things festive.

  1. Think Twice About Ice

Party attendees will need ice for their drinks and you’ll need some to keep drinks cold all night long. Stack an extra bag or two in your freezer in case your coolers need extra cooling.

  1. Sharing is Not Caring

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stop the spread of germs. Keep your bathroom clean with our Tub and Tile Cleaner and replace your bathroom towel with a roll of disposable towels to avoid spreading germs between guests.

  1. Light it Up

Place a candle in your bathroom during the party to avoid unwanted smells. Some of our Winter Wishes Kits come with a Citrus Spice soy candle that can help your home smell like the holidays.

  1. Lead them to the Lavatory

“Where’s your restroom?” can be a common question at any party. Give your guests a few signs to point them in the right direction and place one on the bathroom door to keep guests from wandering into bedrooms and offices while they search.

  1. Taking Out the Trash

Line your trash can with several liners to make taking out the trash easier during the party.

  1. Closet Cleanse

Make sure you have a place to store guest’s coats. This might mean making room in a closet that’s already full. Temporarily place a few of your coats in your bedroom for storage so your guest’s coats can be hung when they walk in the door.

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