Hacks and Facts for Bathroom Cleaning

Hacks and Facts for Bathroom Cleaning

Hacks and Facts for Bathroom Cleaning


Need a few cleaning hacks and facts to motivate you to clean your bathroom? Shower scrubbing is hard work and all those nooks and crannies around your faucets are no joke. While we can’t do the scrubbing for you, we’ll do our best to make the job easier so you can get back to enjoying bubble baths and singing in the shower.

Tackling the Small Spaces

In between the handles on your faucet and the fine lines of grout in your tile are just a few small spaces that can be tough to clean thoroughly. There are a few ways people like to hack this clean. Some wrap a rag around something long and thin like a screwdriver or chopstick. Others hold onto old toothbrushes to get the scrubbing done.


Clean with Power

We have all the products you’ll need to clean your bathroom in our Bath Collection. Tub & Tile Cleaner and Kitchen & Bath Scrubber are great for cleaning your hard surfaces from sinks to showers. And although your toilet may be the least likeable bathroom fixture, our Toilet Bowl Cleaner will make that chore less of a mess. Just squirt, brush, and flush.


Rotate and Replace

Bathroom cleaning is more than just cleaning the fixtures. Bacteria and germs that spread on things like your bath towels, loofahs, and shower curtains might get overlooked when you’re deep cleaning.

Loofahs can play host to bacteria, yeast, and mold, so it’s recommended you replace your loofah every two to four months, depending on the type of loofah you use and how often you use it.

Like loofahs, bath towels can get dirty quickly. It’s important to wash your towels after 2-3 uses. If you do laundry weekly, you should have 3 clean towels ready at the beginning of the week, so you can switch them out as the week goes on.

Shower curtains and liners should be washed once a month. Keep an extra liner and curtain in your linens closet to use while your other curtain is in the wash to keep your shower clean and ready to use!


Split Up the Chores 

Letting all your chores pile up can make for a pretty busy and boring day. Try splitting up your bathroom cleaning routine by assigning a day of the week to each chore. Make Monday your towel washing day and Tuesday toilet cleaning day. Breaking up the work can make bathroom chores less of a bore and having a set plan can ensure you get the job done every week!

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