Get Floored About Your Floors

Get Floored About Your Floors

Imagine this: Your kids playing outside, jumping in mud puddles, kicking up leaves, stomping around on your chalk-covered sidewalks, and you, kicking back with a nice book, not a care in the world. Your floors are clean and they’re going to stay that way…right?

Make that dream a reality. No more sliding your way through mud-covered floors or chasing stray basketballs that snuck their way inside. BETTER LIFE has your back. Here are some tips to help you remember what your floors look like under all that mess.


What You Play with Outside Stays Outside 

When your kids come running inside for their afternoon snack after playing soccer in the yard, chances are they’re bringing the soccer ball with them. And the soccer ball is bringing a little extra dirt, too. Outside toys should stay outside. Don’t have a shed or garage? Designate a bin or container near the door to your house for things like baseball gloves, balls, and other dirt-tracking stuff.


Leave Them at the Door

But, toys aren’t the #1 dirt-tracking suspect. What is, you ask? Shoes. Take those mess-making contraptions off of your feet at the door. If you don’t have a mud room, find space for a small bin or even an extra mat to place your shoes on once you step foot inside your house. That way dirt is stuck at the door! 


Mats Matter

Stop mud-madness from redecorating your entryway! Whether you’re racing away from the rain on a storm-filled day or itching to get inside and away from the heat of summer, having a mat at your door is a must. Even if you’re leaving your shoes at the door, a mat can help collect stray water droplets and prevent mud tracks.

Make sure you have a mat at every entrance to your house. If you stay in the habit of wiping your shoes off and leaving them at the door, most dirt and dust will be taken care of before it has the chance to touch your sparkling floors.


Take Control of Your Doors

You have better things to do than become the doorman in your own home. Monitoring all the doors to your house can become a full-time job. A good way to keep yourself from running from room to room, tracking down each stray bit of grass that makes its way into your home, is to limit the ways outside muck can get inside. Try to designate which door you want your family members to use on a regular basis. This will make it easier for you to keep up with any dirt that does manage to get carried inside.


Taming the Wild Beast

We may be exaggerating a bit here. Sure, your Pomeranian puppy, Max, is the only one who actually believes he’s a wild beast. But, you’re kidding yourself if you can’t admit that Max certainly makes a mess like a beast. How often do your pets track in dirt, mud, and other things? One way you can help prevent this is by keeping a towel at your door. Wipe off your dog’s paws every time he comes inside. Max can keep thinking he’s a ferocious, wild animal, but you’re the real ruler of this jungle. 


Keeping it Clean

Of course, you can try to prevent dirt from touching your floors all you want. But, the truth is, dirt will find its way into your house no matter how hard you try to stop it. A good way to keep your head in the game is to use a microfiber pad to pick up dust on a daily basis. Try your best to stay on top of small spills when they happen. The longer a spill is left alone, the harder it can become to get rid of.

If you keep up with a few small, daily habits, mopping your floors once a week with naturally dirt-destroying BETTER LIFE Floor Cleaner will be a breeze.  

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