June 12, 2017

Fun Activities To Do With Dad


This Father's Day, surprise Dad with some quality time and use one of these fun activities as inspiration! 

Sometimes Dad, one of our favorite people, can be super hard to shop for. How many ties can you buy?! Quality time is one of the best and most affordable gifts you can give. This Father's Day, surprise Dad with some quality time and use one of these fun activities as inspiration! 


The perfect family weekend getaway! Take Dad away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some time with nature. This is also a great way to get the whole family to disconnect! Click below for some camping tips from Parents.



Don't have a whole weekend to getaway? Enjoy some quality time with Dad by taking a hike or walk in nature. Pack a lunch for an impromptu picnic and explore the wonders of nature as a family. Follow some tips from The Wilderness Society below, and make the most of an afternoon outside!


Wash His Car!

Did you know that Better Life's dish soap is gentle for use on all types of vehicles? Include Dad in the car washing activity or surprise him. Keep an eye out for our ONE DAY DISH SOAP SALE this Friday (6/16/17) to grab a bottle of this dirt destroying dish soap that will leave Dad's car shiny without worrying about messing up the paint job or the run off into your lawn or garden. 


Sometimes just including the whole family in an activity like cooking can make Dad feel special. Grab some of his favorite ingredients and get together to make an awesome meal the whole family can enjoy and Dad will truly appreciate. Checkout Melissa Harrison's article on cooking with kids on Buzzfeed.


Make a Birdhouse

Got some old scrap of wood and paint in the garage? Make use of some materials you have lying around and help Dad clean out the garage by making a Birdhouse! Let Dad show off his handyman skills and get the family together to create something long lasting. Check out some birdhouse ideas from Pinterest below.


Make a Fort

No time to plan a weekend of camping? Create your own in-house or backyard camping fun by building a fort with the family! Dad will surely love leading this activity. Get creative and develop a game to go along with your fort theme! Check-out some blanket fort ideas on Pinterest. 


Happy Father's Day from the Better Life team!