De-Stress Your Move with These Moving Hacks

De-Stress Your Move with These Moving Hacks

De-Stress Your Move with These Moving Hacks

They say moving can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Make the move a little less stressful with our tips and tricks.


First Thing’s First…

It’s time to let go of some things. Do you really need that top you haven’t worn in years? What about that board game you’ve never played? If you get rid of all the stuff you never use before you move, you’ll waste less time packing and give yourself a fresh start in your new home.


Hacking Your Packing Strategy

  1. Finding padding for things like dishes and stemware can be difficult. A great way to cross two items off your list and keep glasses from breaking is to wrap your stemware with your socks.
  2. Don’t take your clothes off the hanger. Instead, place them in a trash bag with a hole at the bottom for the hanger. This will save you time and you won’t have to untangle any hangers when you unpack.
  3. Before you unplug your computer or any other electronics, take a photo so you know where each wire connects. You can use the photo for reference when you’re setting up your electronics in your new place.
  4. Color code your boxes for each room with different labels. They’ll be easier to sort through when you get to your new home.
  5. Place tape in an ‘X’ across your mirrors to help prevent them from breaking or shattering. 
  6. Don’t waste space. Make sure you get the right size boxes and fill each box by adding smaller items that can fit in the nooks and crannies.


Moving Day Necessities  

The day of the move, you’ll need a moving necessities box. This box should have everything you need to survive while you’re busy unpacking all of your other everyday items. It’s also great to have in case any of your boxes get lost in transit. Here are a few things you should include:

  1. A change of clothes for everyone
  2. Plenty of water and snacks
  3. Your toothbrush, toilet paper, shampoo and other essential toiletries
  4. Trash bags
  5. Medications
  6. Important documents
  7. Phone chargers
  8. Tool kit
  9. A pot, pan, plates, and set of utensils
  10. Scissors

And finally, you’ll need to bring cleaning supplies! When you’re moving, giving each room a thorough clean before unpacking is always a good idea. Important cleaners like Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Floor Cleaner, and All-Purpose Cleaner are great to have on hand right when you get to a new home. Our Housewarming Kit and Deluxe Housewarming Kit provide you with all the cleaning essentials you need for moving day and beyond. So, you’ll have all the tools you need to ditch the stress and start looking forward to moving day!

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