Clever Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Clever Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Clever Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


Kitchens get dirty fast and it’s easy to fall behind on little chores while you focus on daily tasks like cleaning your dishes and countertops. Having a few helpers and time-savers up your sleeve is great for those days when just cleaning up after dinner can take the life out of you. Our first hack is easy, recruit the family. Put your kids on dish duty so you can focus on the other tasks.



Maybe you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth but you do have some silver spoons in your home that you’d like to keep shiny! Stop your silver from tarnishing by lining your drawers with felt treated with an anti-tarnishing agent. Too late to prevent tarnishing? Shine silver spoons (and your other silver) with a little toothpaste to keep them looking new.


Exhausted from Cleaning? 

Have you ever pulled a pot from your hanging pot rack and found greasy residue hanging around? If you have a hanging pot rack, make use of your exhaust fan while cooking. It will keep your pots cleaner when you’re ready to use them.


Cleaner Cuts

That juicy fruit you cut up for an afternoon snack is leaving bright stains all over your cutting board and your knives haven’t been looking so hot either. The best way to clean your wooden cutting boards is with a combination of lemon and salt. Sprinkle salt across the board and use half a lemon to scrub the salt into the wood. Let the board sit overnight before rinsing with water. And, as far as bringing shine back to your knives, wipe them down using your old wine corks and a little bit of our Dish Soap.


Keep Bugs at Bay

With kids running wild, your eyes won’t catch every spill. Those extra crumbs in the pantry can attract unwanted creatures like gnats and other bugs. For a nontoxic way to rid your home of pests, line your pantry and cabinets with bay leaves. No one is sure why bay leaves do the trick, but some say bugs just don’t like the scent.


Strain on Your Drain

Dishes in the sink doesn’t have to mean leftovers clogging your drain. Grab a mesh drain screen from your local hardware store. It works better than a traditional basket and helps keep gunk out of your sink and its pipes.


Felt is Your Friend

It’s time to bake the birthday cake of your child’s dream but pulling out the mixer can be a real pain.

Give yourself a little help by sticking felt glides under your appliances. It will protect your countertops and help you move larger appliances like your mixer into place on your counter. 

The ultimate cleaning hack? Cleaning with BETTER LIFE. Not to toot our own horn but if you put our products to the test in your kitchen, you won’t be disappointed. Try out our Dish Soap, Dishwasher Gel, Kitchen and Bath Scrubber, and many more for quick and easy house cleaning.

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