Better Life's New Natural Dishwasher Detergent Is Magical

I have been waiting for this product for a long, long, long, long, time. I have converted every cleaning product in my house  to toxin-free, safe, natural cleaning products. MOST of them are from Better Life, of course, but the few that they don't make, I have found other things to use. For everything except dishwasher detergent. I have tried many, many different brands of "green" dishwasher detergent and none of them have worked. It has been maddening. I would end up having to handwash most dishes before I even put them into the dishwasher. This wouldn't do. (Mostly because I have better things to do with my life than do the dishes TWICE every time.) 

So, I gave up and went back to conventional detergent, but even then I would end up with cloudy film on my dishes. You know what I'm talking about. Then, I'd have to get the rinse-aid. Another product, another bottle of toxins and non-earth friendly chemicals. I hated it. But, I just couldn't go to handwashing dishes. We have 8 people in the house! We make a lot of dishes. 

Then Nancy Barklage (Co-founder of Better Life) calls me to tell me that Kevin Tibbs (Better Life mad-skilled chemist) has a prototype dishwasher detergent and asked me to try it out with her. I'm going to confess here. When Nancy dropped the sample off, we both talked about how we were a little skeptical about this product because we have never found a "green" dishwasher soap that worked. Nancy said she was concerned because she absolutely would NOT put their name on the product unless it worked as well or better than the conventional counterpart. And I was a little worried because I love this company, and I'm contracted to road test their products and tell you how amazed I am with them. But I also have my personal integrity and didn't know how I was going to sell you guys on a product that I didn't fully believe was the best.

I don't know why I was worried. Kevin Tibbs is seriously mad-skilled. After Nancy and I ran our tests (bowls of oatmeal, tomato sauce,  and egg yolk, each microwaved to cook the stuff on, and a spoonful of peanut butter), we called each other and couldn't not express our amazement. "I think my dishwasher is shinier!" "These bowls are completely clean!" "Did it polish my silverware?!" "How did he DO that?!" Then we ran tests to check the right amount to use. Get this. 1 Tablespoon. That's it!

Then tragedy struck. I ran out of my tester bottle and there was no more dishwasher crack to be had. I had to wait 3 long months until Automatic Magic was finally finished. And now I get tell you guys! You know what, forget it. I'll just show you. (Next time I'll tell you what is in those other dishwasher detergents and why they're not safe.)

We had a party last night. I don't know about you, but the most depressing part of the party is coming downstairs the next morning and facing the kitchen. The food has caked on to the dishes, the red wine has dried into the bottom of the wine glass, and you are feeling less than your best.









See! One tablespoon, that's IT! You get 60 loads in one bottle!



Dried on oatmeal.


This is my only criticism. Though there is absolutely no cloudiness, I do get spots on my wine glasses. (no other glass, just wine glasses and they are easy enough to wipe dry. Good heavens, I don't drink that much wine and when I do I just reuse the same glass, Silly.)


And remember how I said it looks like your silverware is getting polished? Check it out!

There you have it! Forget every other experience you have had with "Green" dishwasher detergent. Automatic Magic natural dishwasher detergent is better than anything you've ever tried. I think it works better than that conventional super-duper complete dishwasher detergent. Tell me what you think!

Ingredients: Saponified vegetable oil (castile soap), purified water, sodium citrate (mineral), decyl glucoside (plant surfactant), sodium silicate (mineral), coco glucoside (plant surfactant), sapindus mukurossi peel extract, glycerin (vegetable), sodium carbonate (mineral), xanthan gum, sorbitan, natural enzymes, citric acid (pH adjustment). **Preservative Free**

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