A CLEAN BOAT IS A HAPPY BOAT (and we keep the fish happy too!)

A CLEAN BOAT IS A HAPPY BOAT (and we keep the fish happy too!)


A clean boat is a happy boat (and we keep the fish happy too).

Ahhhh summer. That time of year when we pack up a cooler, grab our swimming suits, and head to the lake or to the ocean.  We all love feeling the wind in our hair, the sun on our face, the water beneath our feet, and watching the little ones being pulled in a tube squealing with delight (or is that fear? Either way it builds character).

But before getting the boat out on the water, it must be cleaned. There are a lot of things that make Better Life a great cleaner, such as its natural fighting power, essential oil blends, and it doesn’t damage surfaces, but did you know that Better Life is completely safe for waterways and aquatic life? Our cleaners are not only formulated to keep people and pets safe from harmful toxic chemicals, but they are also formulated to keep our waterways and aquatic life toxic free too.

In a May 2002 study of contaminants in stream water samples across the country, the U.S. Geological Survey found persistent detergent metabolites in 69% of streams tested. Sixty-six percent contained disinfectants.

There is absolutely no need to pollute our streams, rivers, and oceans with traditional toxic cleaners. There is a safer and better way to clean. So before your next boat outing, be sure to scrub it down with Better Life’s natural cleaners.

Better Life fans and boat owners, the Pals, wrote in and suggested using our cleaning caddy for an organized cleaning system. They love having all of the cleaning products conveniently in a caddy on his boat ready to tackle big cleaning jobs or small spills (available at cleanhappens.com).

Here are some natural cleaning tips for cleaning your boat and water equipment:


One of the grimiest spots on a boat is the carpeted floor. From muddy shoes, grimy fish, and accidently spilled libations, the carpet it the first area we’ll tackle.

  1. Spray down the carpet with Stain and Odor Eliminator. Grab your power washer or hose and work your way from the bow to the stern.
  2. Use a wet/dry vac to suction up the dirty water. 


Traditional cleaners can damage the surfaces of your boat. Not only can they break down the plastic and glass on your boat, but the runoff is toxic to marine life. Make sure to clean the glass on your boat with our plant-based Glass Cleaner. Not only is it streak-free but it’s guilt-free as well (no alcohol or ammonia to gag you or the fish). Use a sponge to start and a soft cloth to finish cleaning windows, glass, graphs, and gauges.


It’s important to get a deep clean on vinyl seats due to the exposure of UV rays and salt water. When vinyl seats are not allowed to dry thoroughly mildew stains can appear.

  1. Wipe surface down with a clean cloth.
  2. Use Better Life’s Kitchen and Bath Scrubber with a deck brush or sponge and remove all grime and dirt.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Probably one of the areas of your boat that takes the most abuse is the hull. It’s critical to keep the hull clean because a clean boat improves full efficiency and handling performance.

  1. Power wash the entire hull, make sure to get the entire surface, including those tough little nooks and cranny’s.
  2. While the boat is still wet, apply Better Life’s All-Purpose Cleaner or Kitchen and Bath Scrubber for tough stains.
  3. Use a soft brush to scrub it down.
  4. Use a wax or polish to protect fiberglass boats from damaging UV rays and water. Make sure to use natural boat wax to protect the surface and marine life.


Livewells are a breeding ground for some pretty intense smells and stains. Make sure to clean your livewells regularly with our Stain and Odor Eliminator or our All-Purpose cleaner. Bleach, detergents, and other traditional cleaning products contain toxic residue which is not only harmful to the fish but to you if you consume your prize catch.

  1. Make sure to remove filter screens (both from the livewell and the intake) before cleaning.
  2. Release clogs and deposits by blasting clean water.
  3. Remove smells and get a good clean with a few sprays of Stain and Odor Eliminator or All-Purpose Cleaner.
  4. Use a coarse scrubbing pad to clean top, sides and bottom.
  5. Rinse several times with clean water.


  1. Wet your life jacket with clean water to remove any big debris and dirt.
  2. Fill a bucket with cold water and Better Life Dish Soap.
  3. For super tough mildew and stains use Better Life Stain and Odor Eliminator and a scrub brush.
  4. Use a brush or sponge to completely clean the jacket, make sure to get the straps and clips.
  5. Rinse the jacket with a hose.
  6. Hang the jacket to dry in a shaded area that is well-ventilated. Store only after the jacket is completely dry.

Happy Summer! Let us know your favorite ways to spend sunny summer days, we always love hearing from you!


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