A Better Life Guide: How to Intentionally Create an Effective Cleaning Schedule for Your Family

A Better Life Guide: How to Intentionally Create an Effective Cleaning Schedule for Your Family

Do you dread cleaning, but enjoy a clean home?

Perhaps there’s a way to make cleaning a little more enjoyable. Or, if not truly enjoyable, will you settle for more manageable?

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Autumn is the perfect time for some intentional renewal and goal-setting for the end of the year. The seasons are changing and like spring cleaning consider creating a schedule for a new fall routine after summer.

Before you even begin the actual process of cleaning think about your lifestyle and create a schedule that would make the task of cleaning a little less daunting. Can you carve out small amounts of time each day to accomplish a bit of housework? If you have 20-30 minutes per day to fit in some cleaning and laundry, you may find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.

Consider incorporating one load of laundry into your schedule each day or every few days to save you from having to dig out of a pile of a week’s worth of laundry at once.

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Discuss with your partner and/or family members which tasks are assigned to each person. Perhaps this rotates each week or month. Set up a calendar or list of chores and who is assigned to them. Maybe this is on an electronic calendar shared by family members, a whiteboard or chalkboard hanging in a common space, or a paper list on the refrigerator.

Here is a sample schedule that you can modify as fits for you:


  • Clean floors throughout entire house

  • Wash and change bed sheets

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  • Scrub bathrooms

  • Empty trash cans throughout house

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Dust throughout home

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  • Vacuum

  • Wash laundry

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Wipe down kitchen cabinets, appliances, and sink

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General tidying and catch-up on anything you didn’t get to during the week

Wash laundry

As-needed tasks like emptying kitchen garbage and recycling should be included each day. Also to be considered perhaps monthly are to wipe down baseboards, dust ceiling fans and blinds, clean trash cans, etc. These ‘to dos’ can be included in your weekend catch-up.

Construct a schedule that works for you and your family’s lifestyle. Don’t worry about falling behind or not getting to your tasks one day. Life happens. Just pick up the next day’s tasks and leave yourself a day or two of “catch-up.” Cleaning in this can help you to feel that your house is always clean as it’s a rotating process.

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Hopefully, this helps you think about cleaning and laundry as more manageable tasks that you can easily incorporate into your family’s daily routine!


- Kristin George

Kristin George is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger living in Milwaukee, WI with her husband and three boys. In addition to her family and writing, she loves coffee, yoga, and making lists. You can connect with Kristin and read her blog over at kristinanngeorge.com.

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