Better Life Cleaning Products in Canada

To Our Canadian fans:
Thank you for your overwhelming response to our Shark Tank appearance.  We hear you--  we love you!  And we are working to get our products throughout Canada.  It's a dilemma we have been working on for awhile.  The great news is that you have helped solve part of the dilemma and that was getting the attention of the Canadian retailers.  The second part is to develop the bilingual labels that products need to have in order to be successful on Canadian shelves.  So please hold on to your toques, soon you'll be able to walk into your local store and pick up the greenest, safest cleaner your toonies can buy.


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Hi there! I really like your products and I would liek to ask if you will soon launch your lable on European market. I hope for positive answer.


looking forward to purchasing this product in Canada. We have a lot of hardwood floors in our city ( I work in the floor covering business) If this product is ’all that" it will do extremely well.

carrie phillips

Please come to Alberta!!! (Specifically Calgary :o)


Excited to see your products in Southern Ontario stores as well!


Please let me know when available on Canadian shelves….im located in Ottawa, Ontario …..tx. My wife cross border shops in Watertown, NY – any nearby outlets that she can purchase your products

Mike zabchuk

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