September 25, 2013

The Advantages of Buying in Bulk

As more of us are watching our wallets and budgets, buying in bulk has become a popular alternative to the traditional “buy what you need, pre-packaged” mentality. Besides offering consumers lower prices, bulk products reduce waste going into landfills and take less energy and other resources to produce.

As it relates to food, buying in bulk offers people the opportunity to expand their palate's horizons. Unsure if you'll like that grain with the name you can't pronounce? Buy a small quantity for a taste test and don't worry about wasting money or the product if you end up disliking it!

Below are some of the additional advantages of buying in bulk:

  • You save money. By not paying for individual packaging, labeling and advertising, you get more product for your dollar.
  • It’s green! Statistics from the EPA indicate that about 80 million tons of waste are generated each year from packaging and containers alone! In addition to the waste created by the packaging itself, it wastes energy and resources to manufacture them. When you buy in bulk + reuse storage containers, you’re helping reduce all that waste.
  • You can often purchase the exact amount you want and don’t have to worry about it spoiling. Plus, many bulk foods are fresher, more natural and often even locally produced!
  • You are quality control. You can assess the color, aroma and freshness of the products you’re buying. You may not want to entrust a stranger with that, especially if you’re cooking a meal for guests! 

At Better Life, we’re committed to providing bulk options for many of the reasons stated above. We recently added a lot of gallon refill bulk products and encourage you to consider purchasing them next time you’re placing an online order.