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Nothing is cooler than having customers email us photos of unique ways they use our awesome products. We thought it just wouldn't be fair NOT to share this with all our incredible customers.  Check out how one of our customers was able to use our all purpose cleaner What-Ever to clean up her 50 year old bird bath!  

"I have some interesting pictures to share with you. I decided to work in the yard this weekend and discovered my bird bath was filthy. I typically clean it with soap and water, but this can get rather time consuming as I have to rinse it a million times. I remember last year researching how to clean your bird bath and it suggested using BLEACH! Yes bleach. That’s what I want the birds to drinks and bathe in. Residue of toxic bleach. Not to mention how it penetrates into the ground. So I decided to use Better Life’s All Purpose cleaner. I used a ½ cup and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Well proof is in the pictures. I don’t think this bird bath has looked so nice since it was made back in 1963. It has some pits and cracks, but it serves the purpose for my birds and squirrels. I am very happy to report my little feathered friends are thankful to have safe clean water once again."


Laurie Morgan


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