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Something we absolutely love is hearing from our customers.     We work very hard to get the best possible cleaning products in your hands that are both safe for you and your family and the environment.    Below are just a couple of the latest reviews for our natural dish soap called Dish It Out.   It has quickly become one of our most popular products that we sell and for good reason!   Check out a couple of the reviews below:

Comments about better life DISH IT OUT:

So far, this is the only dish liquid to receive the highest rating from the Environmental Working Group regarding toxicity. This is important to me as I wash (and soak) my granddaughter's baby bottles (and all the parts), spoons, dinnerware, and toys on a daily basis. It works well for the dishes I wash by hand, but I have to mention I always rinse my dishes, so I'm not sure how well this product works on grimy dishes that have been sitting. I'm guessing because this product doesn't contain any of the toxic ingredients that major brands do, it's the reason for it not being as thick as those other brands, but you get used to it. Because it's not the cheapest dish liquid out there, I use it strictly for dishes and use another soap to wash my hands at the kitchen sink. This truly saves from buying it so often.


Comments about better life DISH IT OUT:

I am chemically sensitive so I really appreciate your unscented products. My first introduction was with Dish It Out, unscented of course. I am always looking for effective unscented products and really like Dish It Out. Dishes truly rinse clean and drain to a shine. It removes coffee and tea stains and possibly even helps with milk stone (still experimenting with that). I was impressed when I wiped my ceramic stove top with my dish cloth rung out from my dish water and stains that I would have had to scrub off wiped easily away. Also I was delighted to have the shine return to my flatware - nice to be eating with clean utensils.

Thank you for unscented products that give superior results. Believe me when I say I have tried a lot of other products and found them lacking.



Comments about better life DISH IT OUT:

I found out this product through EWG's Cleaning Database. I use it for my 2 year old daughter's dishes as well as ours. We're very happy with it. Hope the production will continue. It wasn't easy to find.


Comments about better life DISH IT OUT:

I wanted a dish liquid that was toxic-free to wash my granddaughter's baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, spoons, bowls and toys. I love this product as it doesn't contain any of the toxic, synthetic ingredients that most "natural" products do, like fragrance and SLS. It also does a good job on the dishes that don't end up going in the dishwasher, like huge pots/pans and large plastic containers. I have to add that I'm in the habit of rinsing or soaking my dirty dishes while they sit in the sink before I wash them, so I'm not sure how well this product works on dried up, caked-on food... I'll have to experiment and come back to add to my review. Oh, and the scented version of this product "Clary Sage & Citrus" has a pleasant, very light, almost masculine smell to it, which doesn't linger onto the dishes. I also use the unscented version as well. I find this product to be thicker than most other natural dish liquids I have tried

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I recently watched your presentation on Shark Tank. I went to my local CoOp and found the dish soap, lotion and hand soap. I loved it so much that I went online after a week and ordered a kit. I can not stop talking about your products to friends and family. I’m ordering a kit for my mother who loves your products as well. There are two top things I must boast about 1. your products have a wonderful, fresh smell and 2. My hands are never dry!!!! Other products dry out my skin and leave a film. Not Better Life! Wonderful products!!! I will use them from now on. Thank you Better Life

Stephanie Lawrence

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