7 Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Summer

7 Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Summer

7 Cleaning Hacks for a Spotless Summer


Spring is long-gone and all that Spring cleaning you did? Well, let’s just say no house stays clean forever! But, since you’re an expert cleaner, we won’t bore you with the same old tips and tricks. Here are a few cleaning hacks you may not have tried out to get you started on the road to a spotless Summer! 



  1. Microwave Mess-Manager: Microwave a bowl of hot water with lemons for two minutes to unstick all the gunk. Then add a little All-Purpose Cleaner and wipe clean!
  1. Skillet Saviors: Since cast iron skillets can’t be cleaned with soap, cut a potato in half and use the flat side to scrub the pan clean. For frying pans, try soaking in water and adding a BETTER LIFE Dryer Sheet


Living Room

  1. Pet Hair Pick-Up: Pick up pet hair on your couches and other furniture with rubber gloves. The friction between the gloves and your upholstery will cause the pet hair to stick to the gloves. 
  1. DIY Dusting: If you don’t have a long duster to reach under your furniture, try putting a pair of stockings over the end of a broom to reach under couches and cabinets. 


All Over

  1. Filter out the Dust: Dust your electronics with coffee filters. They won’t leave behind fibers like towels do. Get rid of any extra gunk left behind with our Screen Cleaner.
  1. Computer Hacks: Clean your computer keyboard with an old toothbrush or Q-tips to get in between the keys.
  1. Scrub Away Wall Scuffs: Crayon marks on the wall? Use a cucumber peel to scrub them away. 

Check out a few more BETTER LIFE Cleaning Hacks here! Our products are formulated to help you clean up real, everyday messes in your home. Tackle grease, stains, dirt, and whatever to see the power of natural cleaning with BETTER LIFE.

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