Cleaning up Beverly Hills with Ms. Jones

When I heard Better Life makes products that are strong enough to clean up crime scenes, I clapped my hands in glee.      

Before you think I’ve gone all American Psycho, let me explain my living situation. I live with three boys. Two are fuzzy, one is not, and all three are a train wreck of mess. Fuzzy Boy Number One is a non-shedding labradoodle who sheds like a golden retriever in a Biloxi heat wave. Fuzzy Boy Number Two is a sweet rescue who covertly smuggles tree branches into the house and shreds them into the floor boards. And the worst offender, Non-Fuzzy Boyfriend, likes to cook with artistic flare, leaving splatter patterns of sauce across the kitchen counter, walls and floor. He is Jackson Pollock working in marinara.

Don’t get me wrong. I lived on popcorn and boiled eggs before I met him so I’m grateful for a man who knows how to marinate a zesty chicken. I just wasn’t prepared for the selective blindness that comes along with culinary creativity. How does one not see soy sauce running down the front of the cabinets mingling with the non-shedding labradoodle hair?        

The house itself doesn’t help either. We are temporarily living in a small rental shoved halfway up the side of a canyon. It has great light upstairs and we keep the windows and doors open to a large deck.  It also has undependable plumbing, “original” bathrooms, constant dust, possible mold and a whole host of we’d-gut-this-place-if-we-owned-it issues. Ironically, it’s located in the Beverly Hills zip code. In other words, we are Beverly Hillbillies without the benefit of black gold.  

Until I found Better Life, keeping our place remotely clean took a host of toxins that singe the nostril hairs and “when mixed, may cause "asphyxiation.” While there are times I want to theoretically kill my guys (my red shoe, Fuzzy Boy Number Two), I’d do anything to keep them safe. I love that Better Life cleaning products not only does the job, they’re natural and smell nice.  

The product I use the most is what-EVER! for absolutely whatever, but especially for quick cleaning up after the kitchen artiste. I now walk around with the spray bottle on quick draw, not worrying about getting chemicals in the crock pot or the dog bowls. Simply Floored! surprised me by restoring shine to the weathered hardwood floors. (Okay, so I thought the film of canyon muck was a permanent wax.) And I Can See Clearly, Wow! makes wet nose smudge disappear. I had no idea there were trees on the other side of that slobber.

So thanks Better Life! The crime scene of our daily existence is all clean.  

BLOG BY BETTER LIFER, Lori Jones, Los Angeles CA

Mmmmm.... smells good!

Smart pup... always read the label.

Le Chef

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