The Washing of the Bikes in Washington. The Tradition continues with Dish It Out.

Those of us who live in the lovely town of Bellingham, Washington, are not surprised by the classic June-uary weather of cloudy skies and daily showers. So we thank our lucky stars when a sunny day pops in, giving us a reprieve from the gray. We had one such beauty this week, with temperatures in the upper 60s (positively balmy!) and nothing but blue and blazing sun above. Needless to say, the kids and I took advantage and broke out the swimsuits posthaste in preparation of much-needed water play.

One of our household rites of summer includes the Washing of the Bikes. Over the wet, muddy months of winter and spring, our rides build up quite a layer (or sixty) of dirt and grime. And quite frankly, it’s just too cold to bother cleaning them off on a regular basis. Besides, if we did that, our killer annual bike wash would be much less rewarding. 

The concept is simple. All you need is a hose, a bucket or two, sponges/rags/brushes (your choice) and a few squirts of Dish It Out. Because it’s safe for all waterways and marine life, Dish It Out is perfect for outdoor fun (no toxic residues in the grass or down the sewer). Like all Better Life products, it’s also completely safe for children and pets (which doesn’t mean I didn’t stop Leona from sucking on the bottle, but I also didn’t freak out and call Poison Control.)  The kids love it because they can take control and go crazy with it. That and the bubbles! 

After lining up our two-wheelers (and one three-wheeler), we got to hosing and scrubbing. Connor paid amazing attention to detail, polishing off every inch of his 16-inch from post to pedal. The bikes were squeaky clean in no time, and everyone took a test ride to celebrate. We all agreed: The lack of mud makes for a much smoother ride! 

Next break of sun, I think we’ll tackle the minivan …

Blog by Better Lifer Amy Blackwood  /  Bellingham, WA

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