Our Kids are Better Life Kids

Our kids are Better Life kids. They are our product testers, our photoshoot models, and most certainly our inspiration. We test the ergonomics of our bottles on our kids, we want to make sure that they can hold, squirt, spray and scrub with our bottles. After all, Kevin formulated the products to be safe enough that even toddlers can clean with Better Life.

We all live with Better Life every day. As Creative Director of Better Life my family has used all the products from day one (my son, Luke, was 4 and my daughter, Claudia, was not quite 2 when Better Life was born). When Luke was potty training I kept a bottle of 2am Miracle next to the toilet so he could help clean up the floors, and walls, when he was done. Our kids wiped off their highchairs and cleaned up spilled milk on the floor. They even helped us tackle big jobs like cleaning the winter gunk off of the outdoor furniture in the spring and caked on dishes in the sink after dinner. Tim and Nancy's kids clean their 100+ year old staircase with Simply Floored! while Nancy mops the floors below (and believe it or not, they actually enjoy the task). Kevin and Tiffany's daughters wipe down their toys and clean their rooms with the safest stuff on the planet formulated by their own dad. None of us sweat the small stuff like crayon art on the wall because we know that what-EVER! will take it right back off. 

Now that our kids are 4 years older - yep, Better Life is turning 4 this month! - they continue to be Better Life testers, models and inspiration. They visit the office and give their thoughts on new product ideas. They look at our labels and weigh in on colors and graphics. They surf the website and offer ideas on upcoming blog posts. They bring Better Life cleaners to their schools and even line the bottles up just right in the stores. They love Better Life and take pride in it just as we do. 

Last Friday was a hot one here in St. Louis. The kids broke out the juicer, bought organic lemons and got to work on making lemonade to sell to the neighborhood. Along with lemonade and cookies, they asked if they could sell Better Life "so people can be safe like us". And why not, they're absolutely right, every house deserves to be a safe one.

Luke and Claudia at their lemonade and Better Life Stand! The neighbors loved the kids pitch - everything for sale is safe enough to drink or eat (although the lemonade and cookies taste much better)!
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We have used Better Life products for the past three years and found them to be great for cleaning just about everything. I have used What-Ever to clean all of the interior of my car. The results were amazing. It removed stains from the cloth seats, cleaned the dashboard and all the inside trim. Oaky-Dokey is another great all purpose cleaning product. Simply Floored works great on our floors. We use Einshine on our granite counter-top. It cleans and shines without the odor of other products. Better Life has, by far, safest products on the market. We finally have found a product that we can use without worrying about polluting or poisoning the earth. We highly recommend their products.

George salava

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