Better Life Launches New Website and Revamped Online Store

 Whoosh! Wow. It has been a long time, friends! But, we are back!

Have you noticed the new digs? Not only has the blog been updated, but the entire website has been completely redone. And there is a LOT to be excited about. Before you go have look around the place, I want to point out a few of my favorite new website features.

FIRST: You know how you guys are always emailing me ( or or posting on our Facebook Wall and telling us about how we should get Better Life natural cleaning products into Your Favorite Store?! Well now, there is a sweet little page where you can just type that info right in. That does not mean you should stop emailing me about other stuff! I love chatting with you guys about all your messes! and your pictures, too!

SECOND: You know how you guys are always emailing me or posting on our Facebook Wall and asking whether there is a store that carries Better Life natural cleaning products near you? (Not you, Canada. Oh how I weep with you, Canada!) Well now when you click on the "Where to Buy" tab, right up there in the top right, you get a list of locations with maps! woot.

THIRD: Ok. This is a big one I'm going to have to break down into sub-favorite things. But, it all falls under the heading of The New Online Store!!

  1.  You know how you guys are always wondering where you can buy a Better Life product that you can't find at your local store? Well, now you can buy each of our products individually, Including those that have temporary retailer exclusives like our natural dish soap Dish it Out.

  2. You know how your sister just got a new puppy and you're wondering what to get her to help her clean up after that puppy, but also to help keep them both healthy? Your teenage son just got a new car? Your aunt is an avid outdoorswoman? Your niece is going away to college? Your best friend is having a baby shower? Over in the store you can pick up one of our new super-fun specialty kits! These are really cool, guys.

    For example the Love Your Dog Kit includes 2am Miracle to clean up those potty accidents, WOW! to clean all those gooey nose prints off the front window, Simply Floored for those muddy paw prints, Dish It Out which is a fabulous natural doggy bath to use with the grooming brush to get those suds down through the undercoat, and a box of biodegradable poop bags.

  3. You know how you guys love to tell everyone about how much you love our natural cleaning products? Well now, each of the products gives you a chance to tell the world why you love us so much! So please be sure to leave us a review!

  4. You know how you like free stuff? FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25!

So, go on! Have a look around and tell us what you think!

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