5 Natural Bathroom Cleaners You Need for Your Bathroom

5 Natural Bathroom Cleaners You Need for Your Bathroom

For far too long, cleaner products have been associated with harsh chemicals and scary warning labels about the dangers of ingesting them. Household chores are stressful enough without feeling like you're about to be poisoned. Fortunately, powerful chemicals aren't the only route to a clean home. There are organic alternatives that are highly accessible and affordable. Natural cleaners allow you to achieve a spotless, sparkling home without harming the earth or your budget. 

Whether you're in search of a natural toilet bowl cleaner, a new bundle of supplies, or just some eco-friendly cleaning tips, Better Life is your best source! Here are our favorite natural bathroom cleaners for getting your bathroom feeling a lot less nasty and a lot more natural. 

Using Natural Bathroom Cleaners

Using Natural Bathroom Cleaners

The word "natural" might trick you into thinking that eco-friendly cleaners aren't tough enough to get rid of bathroom grime... but this couldn't be further from the truth! Plant-based ingredients are gentle on the planet but tough on messes. And - with naturally-sourced, cruelty-free scents - these products will leave behind fresh smells as evidence of their cleaning prowess every time you clean your bathroom

What are the benefits of natural cleaners? 

We've mentioned that natural bathroom cleaners have benefits for the earth, but they also have tremendous benefits for you! Natural ingredients, as opposed to traditional cleaning chemicals, are much gentler on your skin and respiratory system. Gone are the days of needing rubber gloves and face masks to scrub down a bathtub

Natural cleaners also often have more functionality than traditional products. While the chemicals in products you previously used may dictate that they can only be used on certain surfaces, natural products are often universal cleansers. For example, by using natural ingredients, a scrubber can be safe to use in your bathroom and in your kitchen

Do natural bathroom cleaners work as well? 

We firmly believe that you don't need to sacrifice the "clean" in order to gain the "climate-friendly." Although natural bathroom cleaners lack harsh chemicals, they're still packed with powerful ingredients that are ready to tackle the hardest messes. For example, a powerful natural toilet bowl cleaner contains things like: 

  • Citric acid (sourced from fruit) 
  • Lactic acid (sourced from corn) 
  • Sodium gluconate (sourced from glucose) 
  • Melaleuca alternifolia oil (sourced from tea tree)

While some of these ingredients are made up of the long, intimidating words that you're used to finding on traditional packaging, the sources of these cleaning agents are easy to pronounce and easy on the earth! 

What natural bathroom cleaners can I use? 

Natural bathroom cleaners are available for virtually every part of the room. Because natural ingredients are often less likely to cause allergy symptoms or irritation, you don't need to worry about avoiding certain products in areas that will come in contact with your skin. Natural bathroom cleaners are available for space - from the sink, to the tub, to the bowl and your tiles! 

Whether your switch to nature products is gradual or made all at once, you're sure to notice a difference through improved scents and shine within your spaces. 

The 5 Best Natural Bathroom Cleaners

The 5 Best Natural Bathroom Cleaners

We get it - changing up the products that you've been using in your home can be intimidating. You're used to the familiar spot on the shelf where you buy them, their signature scents. However, we're confident that once you begin swapping out your typical choices for natural alternatives, you'll never want to go back. 

Here are our top five products that will help you on your journey to a more natural cleaning lifestyle. 

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Natural toilet bowl cleaner is a simple swap you can make for friendlier flushes. While your toilet water drains through a sewer system to a water treatment facility after each use, it's best to limit the number of chemicals entering these systems and your community's waterways. Flooding can cause the harsh chemicals we use while cleaning to enter bodies of water before they can be filtered. 

Natural bathroom cleaner uses ingredients sourced from items like coconuts and palm, which contribute great smells in the process of cleaning. 

Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner 

With your bathtub and shower getting filled with soap through every use, you may not at first notice the grime and hard water staining building up. Natural tub and tile cleaner can dissolve this grime. When all of the dirt washes down the drain, your cleaner will go with it - and you can rest assured that the natural ingredients will be easy on your pipes and the environment. 

A neglected shower can be a breeding ground for things like: 

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Hard water stains

A simple, natural spray can also be used to scrub down your shower curtain and ensure that these surrounding surfaces are kept fresh, as well. 

Natural Bath Scrubber

A bath scrubber is a great, all-purpose cleaner that can be used for quick tidy-ups or larger messes. Its biodegradable ingredients mean that this product won't be sticking around for thousands of years - and neither will the stains you use it to attack! Whether you're hoping to polish away water spots or disinfect built-up grime, this scrubber can get the job done. Its spray bottle head allowing you to target hard to reach areas, reaching messes that were previously taunting you. And, because the ingredients are natural, you don't have to worry about spraying it freely. It won't harm your skin, your lungs, or other nearby surfaces. 

Natural Glass Cleaner

If there's only one product you choose to go natural on, glass cleaner should be among your top contenders. When cleaning bathrooms, your mirror is often positioned over your sink, where items like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and retainers are stored. If you're using harsh chemicals to wipe down your mirror and other glass surfaces, you'll need to ensure that all of these items are moved beforehand to protect your health. Natural ingredients help to remove this hassle. 

Natural glass cleaner can also help in other parts of your home - or even your wardrobe! When cleaning corrective glasses, which sit directly in front of your eyes, you'll want to make sure that you're using products that are as safe as possible for your health.

Natural Hand Soap

Of course, not all of the cleaning that's done in the bathroom is on surfaces! Hand soap already has a clear home in your bathroom, so a natural alternative is not difficult to incorporate. Best of all, these products are very gentle on your skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and cared for. The plant-based ingredients bring amazing scents without the dyes or chemicals. 

Better Life is Your Source for the Best Natural Bathroom Cleaners

With the upkeep that bathrooms require, you're already a natural at cleaning. Why not use natural ingredients? Better Life is your home for cleaning supplies that are cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made in the USA. To browse all of our cleaning products for your home, or to get more cleaning tips, visit Better Life online today. 

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