Introducing our New Floor Cleaning Kit for HSN

I know for the most part, all you guys see is the glamorous part of my job, but sometimes I have to just look at reality for what it is. I write about cleaning stuff. and cleaning products. And as much as I try to put on the whole Happy Homemaker voice when writing, the reality is that on my best days, I'm a Half-arsed Homemaker. Though I try to chirp about how how having clean floors will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride and everyone will love you more, what I really want to tell you is, "Well, at least if your nosey neighbor dropped by today, your baby's pants won't be black from crawling around the house like they were the last time she came over."

All this is to say, that when Tim called me up to tell me that they have put together a Better Life Floor Cleaning Kit for Home Shopping Network and that I should come by and pick one up so I could try out the included mop, my lazy self said, "Great. Mopping the floor is exactly what I had in mind for this beautiful day." Luckily, my practical and bill-paying self said, "Pay checks are good." So, I headed over to pick up the kit.


When I got the kit home and opened it up, I'll admit I was impressed. I've written before about my love for Simply Floored. And i do love it. The scent is fabulous, and the no residue, no streaking, super clean-ness  really won me over. But when I heard this kit included a mop with telescopic handle and two microfiber mop pads, I was picturing what I had used in the past. Mop handles than my "man hands" managed to snap in two within a couple of weeks and mop pads that were either too skimpy so they didn't absorb anything or else were too plush and therefore were hard to push around on the floor. But, like with all the other things that Better Life has figured out how to balance (like safety and effectiveness) the mop is sturdy and the pads are really high quality. The mop pads are super sized and attach with nice, strong velcro.


But here's what I really like about this mop head. Yes, Better Life includes two machine washable microfiber mop pads so that most people will be able to use one while the other is being laundered. And that apparently is sufficient for most households. But, you've seen the pictures of my laundry issues that I have posted on Facebook. I would probably need 5 of those pads to make sure that I had enough to have one clean at all times. But, this mop head has some fabulous versatility. There are 4 circles near the corners, you can take a microfiber cloth and tuck it into the little grabber thingies in the circles, and voila! laundry day mop pad. This is also a great way to clean up spills without dirtying a whole mop pad.


I told you it has a telescopic handle, which is really cool. Completely customizable. And completely kid-friendly. When it is down at the smallest size, it is nearly-3-year-old sized.  When it is at it's completely extended it is freakishly-tall-people sized.


This is all well and good, but how does it clean? I going to be completely honest here. The Better Life guys nailed it. The mop moved smoothly, which is huge for me. (Am I the only one who has problems with the mop heads flipping over while mopping with them? I hate that!) The pads were super absorbent and instead of pushing the dirty water around the floor, like my other reusable mop pads for that other mop do, these pads soaked the dirty water right up and off the floor. See, my kitchen floor is the bane of my existence, y'all. I wash several times a week and still I'd have to rinse the old mop pad and go back over the floor to get all the dirty water up. Not with this mop pad.



So after all my bluster at the beginning of this post, I must confess it. This mop rocks. If I had known, I would have been, dare I say, excited to mop the floors. It's a good value and just like Simply Floored, it can take on every floor surface and dirt issue with no sweat. It will make your life easier. Everybody may still think you're a chump, but your floors will shine! (whenever you get around to using the kit. Which will be more often than now, because it isn't the chore-you-used-to-dread any longer.)


You want one of your very own? You can catch our Mad-Skilled Chemist, Kevin Tibbs, on HSN Tuesday, September 13th at 6am and 9am EDT, or pick one up on along with our Whole Home kit that includes Wow!, What-EVER, and Even the Kitchen Sink plus 3 product specific microfiber cloths.

Oh What the heck! Let's give one away, too! Leave a comment below telling me how you feel when you have clean floors. Get an extra entry when you're our fan on Facebook (You'll love our Facebook fans!). Contest closes Friday September 16, 2011 at 11:00pm CST

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We got so many responses, I decided to give away TWO Floor Care Kits!

Melissa MC and Heather who posted 9/12 at 1:57 are our Floor Care Kit winners! Congratulations!

Kate Frowzy

How do I feel when I have clean floors?
When I have clean floors, I get the sensation of living the Better Life as an Olympic skater gliding effortlessly across my glassy, reflective floors doing arabesques, russian split jumps and a triple axel to take home the gold!!!


When my floors are clean, I am in heaven. I walk around barefoot and just love it!!! I have 8 house cats, so truly clean floors free of fur and litter tracked about is RARE even though we vacuum and sweep almost daily! LOL


I like you via FB as Tofu Fairy!!! Have for quite a while now! xoxo


Oh how I love clean floors! When all the giant dog hair dust bunnies are gone and the floors gleam – it makes me so happy.


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