Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

I've written before about how gross your kitchen sink is.  And it is. seriously, go wash it. But before you do, I wanted to show you  guys something. After a really fun weekend running around with the family, Monday morning came with this crashing back to reality moment of a sink overflowing with dirty dishes.

After all of the dishes were finally done, the sink looked like this.

Sink before Cleaning

Sink before cleaning

So, I sprayed it down with What-EVER! and it was clean. And that would be fine for a regular old cleaning.

After cleaning with What-EVER!

After cleaning with What-EVER!

But, I have some VIP type people coming over and wanted the sink a little extra nice. (I know! What?!) Anyway, I went the extra step and gave the sinks a spray and buff with Einshine. One of my favorite Better Life products.

After cleaning with Einshine

After cleaning with Einshine

After cleaning with Einshine

Once again, the pictures don't do this justice. It is so sparkly and wonderful!

What I love about this stainless steel cleaner is that it is free of solvents, aerosols, pertoleum oils, and waxes. There is no greasy residue. It's just clean and shiny. 'Cause who wants a greasy residue on their kitchen sink? yuck. But, it also adds a protective barrier that makes cleaning the sink that much easier the next time.

As Kevin, our mad chemist says "E = Brilliant Shine²"

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Crazy question here — would it work on silver?? I have a wide-mouth frog pin that’s looking a bit dull . . .

Mary Garrett

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That is some nice work. Einshine really is a great product, and it does give phenomenal results. Another great post!

Matt Ricketts

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