Green Cleaning Your Wood Surfaces

OKA-YDOKEY_FrontThe Frowzies live in a 110 year old house that has tons of wood  surfaces in it. Wood doors, steps, paneling, pocket doors, baseboards, window sills, etc. These surfaces don't need to be polished. They need to be cleaned. When 4 yr old Fiona accidentally dumped her "cicada habitat" on the wood window sill, or when 8 yr old Max spilled the glass of milk down the wood cabinet doors and I didn't feel like doing anything about it until the next day, or when sticky, dirty hands push the front door open and closed for months (years) until I finally got around to dealing with the black tar-like grime around the door knob, I didn't need a wood polish, I needed a wood cleaner.

I will some day get into the beauty of the ingredients in Oak-y Dokey and why it is so much better for your wood surfaces than other conventional products (contains NO aerosols, silicones, or solvents which damage your finish,) but this is what I think is key to Oak-y Dokey. Yes, it makes my antique buffet shine and glow, but it also cleans away the mess of dried garlic smashed potatoes from last night's dinner party before leaving that shine. For example. My steps.

I'm going to level with you here. I have no idea what this is. I vaguely recall it being some sort of sticky spill. I do know that I have been telling myself 50 times a day for months(!) as I walk up and down those stairs, that I need to clean it up. And today was the DAY! (I adjusted the coloring on this photo so you could really see the dirt I was talking about.)


A shake of the bottle, a spray on the step, and a simple wipe got it all cleaned up. I flipped my microfiber cloth over and wiped again to buff it bit. and as my 4 year old would say, VOILA!


(obviously, I still needed to clean the other step.) Now, what I like so much about this beautiful's not oily or waxy. It feels clean. I can wipe my finger over and NOT leave a streak. (Pay no attention to my "man hands.")


*sigh* now I have to clean the backs of all the steps.

So Oak-y Dokey has become my favorite cleaner, right behind What-EVER, just because of the amount of wood surfaces that we have in our house. And the scent is warm and lovely. very subtle, like all of Better Life's products, and lovely.

(And yes, I intentionally put the word "surfaces" after every reference to "wood" because I have a 13 year old husband who sat snickering on my shoulder as I typed this.)

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Tell your hubby to be quiet and start polishing wood. ;)


I just used my bottle of Oak-y Dokey for the first time this weekend. I have never been a person that polishes wood (there, I said it for the benefit of giggling husbands everywhere!) This is probably due to the many years in my childhood helping my mother “clean” with a rag and “lemon-scented” aerosol spray. Made me gag then and now I have never done anything to our wood furniture except for a wipe down with an old sock when company came over.
Your product is AMAZING! I could go on with other superlatives but I’m on limited time here. The wood is indeed clean and it shines. It looks like it did before we had two kids. Really awesome stuff. And the smell! Oh the smell! How did you make something work so well, smells divine and is non-toxic and safe for our family and the earth? Thanks!

Hillary M

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