Planning Summer Break

No, I mean actually planning summer break. See, we are Visionaries, Mr. Frowzy and I. We are the people who come up with awesome ideas and inspire people to share the awesome ideas. We are not Follow Through-ers. We don't make those awesome ideas flesh out into reality. not so much. no. And that's ok. The world needs both kinds of people.

Really, a family needs both kinds of people, too. I'm waiting for one of the children to grow into one of those Follow Through-ers because otherwise...well, we sit down in June and create grand visions of how we will spend our summer break, all the places we'll visit, people we'll see, new things we'll try etc. etc. etc. And let me tell you, at the beginning of June our summer looks so kick butt that we are practically drooling in anticipation. And we're not talking BIG things. We're talking fun little things, like letterboxing (which if you haven't tried, you should. So much fun.), Saturday mornings at the Tower Grove Farmer's Market (the greatest farmer's market of all time. With music and fountain pool the kids play in. *sigh*), fresh strawberries, creek walks, camping trips, you get the idea. But then suddenly it is the first week of August with only a couple more weeks til school starts and we hadn't done half of what we had envisioned.

Summer vacay!

This summer I wanted a way to be more intentional about how we spent our summer. Not trying to pack a bunch of stuff in so that we are busy all day, every day. But, to definitely do some of the stuff that we really want to do.  Our summer this year is sandwiched between two trips. We're kicking it off with a trip to the beach for my huuuuge biannual family reunion with cousins and kids everywhere! and then tying things up with a trip to the mountains to visit my brother who is in the country for the summer before heading back to his boat in Palau. I love the neatness of that. It's so symmetrical.

But, what about the stuff in between. Well I found my way over to Craftzine from Slow Family Living, and they had this Family Summer Center craft that looks really cool. But, I know my limitations. I bake. I can't craft. I've tried. I've had visions. I've bought materials. I have bags and bags of materials and visions, because as I explained before, I'm not good with the follow through. But, what I loved about this Family Summer Center, are the pockets at the bottom. There are three categories. People, Places, Books. Each category has two pockets. One for what you envision and one for having done it. You write what you want to do and put them in one pocket and then you transfer them to the other pocket once it's done. simple. genius.

Because I am not a crafter, I am going to give envelopes to each of the kids to use. That way we have individual plans and then family plans. I don't want to use the word "goal" because that is just so NOT Summer. We leave for a 14 hour road trip on Friday morning. (And don't even try to steal all our hand-me-down stuff! There will a house sitter and a block of really, really nosy neighbors.) I think this will be a great activity for the kids to work on to while away some of those hours. And I can't wait to see what they have planned!

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