Whatever Wednesday: The Toot our own Horn Edition

I'm PROUD. Proud. Proud. Proud. I know Better Life isn't my company, that I am just the Tester Family, but this morning, I am so PROUD to be working with these guys!

Whole Foods has rolled out a new rating system to help consumers sort through all the green-washing that surrounds "Green" cleaning products so the customer can make an informed decision. They call it Eco-Scale™.

At Whole Foods Market® we believe it's important that consumers are able to make informed decisions about the products they buy. We also believe in doing our part to encourage a more eco-friendly household products industry.

The Eco-Scale™ rating system we have developed is the first cleaning-products standards of any retailer and the highest standards of any "green cleaners" standards-setting group. Based on audits conducted by a third-party audit agency, household cleaning products are rated red, orange, yellow or green on our Eco-Scale™.

Better Life was chosen as one of 5 companies to go through the pilot program. After months of submitting paperwork and third party verification and conference calls (Whole Foods is thor-ough!) They have finally listed their results. Envelope please...

Whole Foods Eco-Scale puts us on top!

You guessed it! Better Life was the only company to have all of our products rank "green" across the board! *beaming like a proud mother* And what does it take to rank "Green" on Whole Foods Eco-Scale?

Green standards for Whole Foods Eco-Scale

Since I was recruited to be the Better Life Test Family, I can't tell you how much using these products has changed things around our house. How much we have become aware of the little things and their impact on our health and planet. How angry I became when I learned about the ingredients in the so-called "green" cleaning products I had been using and how much faith I lost in the whole industry because I couldn't trust anything "green."

But Tim and Kevin created a company that held itself to a higher standard. They knew how confusing the whole thing was and as dads, they just wanted families to have Safe, Effective products that we could trust. Better Life has never hidden it's ingredient list. Never made claims it couldn't back up. And now, Whole Foods is working to help clarify these murky marketing shenanigans. They are creating a stringent standard. And I, as a parent and pet owner and parasite of the planet, appreciate both of their efforts. And don't forget, Whole Foods has a year long exclusive on our dish soap, Dish It Out!

And I've shown you guys over and over, this stuff works! No. Like it REALLY WORKS! I had given up on "green" cleaners because they just didn't work. But, Better Life products CLEAN.

If you are new around here, have a poke around the blog. I show you just how clean our green is.  We have a very active Facebook community where you can ask our fans and us anything and we do regular giveaways! You want to give our products a try? We have our Starter Kit here. You don't have a Whole Foods near you? Check out our list of beloved retailers.

Better Life Product Line

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Congrats to the whole Better Life team!


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