Whatever Wednesday: The Greasy Out of Sight Edition

Whatever Wednesday is when we explore all the different ways that What-EVER! spray can be used around the house. It is an amazingly versatile little workhorse and because it is so safe and friendly, the uses are endless. If you'd like to share the unique ways you use What-EVER in your life, post a link in the comments or email me kate at cleanhappens dot com and tell me about it.

I'm just going to admit it. Out of sight out of mind, is the general rule when it comes to the Frowzy Half-arsed Housekeeping™. So, it should come as no surprise that I have lived in my house for 6 years and have never in my life cleaned the undercarriage of my microwave/range hood. Hey! No judging. It's possible that my mother-in-law thought to do it, but if she did I never noticed because it's the undercarriage of the microwave/range hood.

I'm not sure how I discovered it this week, but something made me look up while wiping down the stove top and there it was.

greasy range hood undercarriage

erm. *cough*

Now, I don't know about you, but the main challenge that my "green" cleaners have failed in the past is cleaning anything greasy.  But, I have come to rely on What-EVER and so I had confidence it could tackle this job. First thing I did was take down the filters and the light cover and drop them into a pan of some diluted What-EVER.

soaking filters in diluted What-EVER

Then I sprayed the undercarriage (that makes me giggle every time I type that.) and used a little scrubby pad to clean up. The hardest part was that I couldn't really see what I was doing, so it took several attempts before I got all of the greasy spots off.  Then I used a soft bristled scrub brush and gave the filters a light scrubbing, used the scrubby bad on the light door thingy and then put it all back together.

After What-EVER

I know that sounds like a lot of work, but my ADD friends, it really only took about 15 minutes start to finish.

My only problem now is coming up with a subtle circumstance that would require my nonchalantly pointing out the undercarriage of my microwave so everyone can praise me for a squeaky clean job.

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Just wanted to post that I used Even the Kitchen Sink on my white stove top and it cleaned up 11 years of stovetop cooking. I have a gas stove so I have actual burners. Love all the cleaning products!!

Debbie Slaughter

I’d be pointing that out for sure! I occasionally put the filters through the dishwasher, but have to admit the undercarriage (hee hee) is very difficult to clean and I rarely do it well.


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