Whatever Wednesday: The Clean Deck Edition

Whatever Wednesday is when we explore all the different ways that What-EVER! spray can be used around the house. It is an amazingly versatile little workhorse and because it is so safe and friendly, the uses are endless. If you'd like to share the unique ways you use What-EVER in your life, post a link in the comments or email me kate at cleanhappens dot com and tell me about it.

Another amazing What-EVER story! I love these! Keep sending them in. Better Life fan Christine wrote me to tell me this story:

I decided to tackle the mold on my deck today.  For a couple of years, my husband and I have been (procrastinating) deciding how best to do this.

Deck before washing

He wanted to buy a power washer and use bleach.  (He insisted it was the only way to get rid of the green.  I didn’t want to use chemicals, spend the money, or give up the valuable real estate in my garage.

Cleaning the deck with What-EVER

My neighbor mentioned that she used What-EVER! spray.  I was so excited!  I've even bought a couple smaller scrub brushes so my kids can help!  I love child labor  involvement!

Cleaning the deck with What-EVER
Notice the spray turned green immediately pulling the mold out of my deck!  Of course, now I'm a little embarrassed to know that my deck was so disgusting.

Deck after being cleaned with What-EVER

Isn't that awesome! I love it!

We have some moss/algae/green stuff on our little porch, too. My in-laws bought us some deck cleaner to get it cleaned off. Do you know what is in deck cleaner? A whole lot of stuff that is horrible for the wood and deadly for the plants growing around the deck. Not to mention noxious and hazardous to the people using it! So we have never washed the porch. But, now Mr. Frowzy can use completely safe What-EVER and get incredible results without any worries.

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