Week 1 Project: Simplfy...Closet

The Frowzy house has jumped on Simple Mom's Project: Simplify Bandwagon. 5 weeks. 5 hot spots to organize. This week was the master closet.  Check out her instructions. They are crazy organized and helpful!

Now, I've said before that I am not a decorator. I am also not a shopper. I'm not particularly fond of clothes or shoes. I'm ridiculously practical. Let's face it, I'm basically a man with lady parts. So, don't be shocked by the barreness of my closet. I was really excited about this week's project because I have concluded my reproductive years, which means the years of the constant body morphing and the spectrum of wardrobes that go along with that, has also ended. I'm me, now. Once I finish breastfeeding, my body will be my own again. permanently.

Because of the constant flux of sizes, I haven't really invested in my clothes. Now that I am just me again, I'm looking forward to building a small wardrobe. Of course, that means I need to figure out what my "style" is since the majority of my clothes are play clothes e.g. T-shirts paired with jeans or skorts depending on the weather.


Here is my before picture. The biggest issues are the two laundry hampers at the back of the closet. Those hold all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Most of them are spring/summer so they have remained tucked away until the weather warmed, which could happen any day now. But, those hampers need to be culled, as well. The other issue is the big laundry basket full of shoes. I really hate shoe shopping. (I know I am making my friend Susan cry right now.) So, this basket is full of shoes I didn't really like when I bought them. And most of them are either worn to nubbins or are never worn because they hurt my feet.

I was ruthless in my paring down, because I don't have time or space for all this useless clothing. I did the same with my drawers, especially my unmentionables drawer. (And if I won't even mention them, I'm certainly not posting a picture of them!) Which was the same mess as my shoe basket. Uncomfortable and ill-fitting.


So, here is my nearly empty closet, ready to be filled with practical, well-fitting, stylish clothes that will bring me into adulthood i.e. 40 years old.

And yes, this only revealed my stash of trashy novels that feed my dirty little habit of brooding Scottish lairds with dark pasts they are trying to leave behind, or brooding cowboys with dark pasts they are trying to leave behind, or brooding lobstermen with dark pasts they are trying to leave behind. And NO! I don't have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.


And here is the pile for the local Clothes Closet. I kept a tally as I went along and then I can just enter the numbers into my tax deduction program and print out the list to get signed when I drop them off. Makes tax time so much easier.

So, go get your closet cleaned out and post your pictures or blog entries over on Simple Mom's blog to enter to win her weekly contest. Then post them on our Facebook page to enter to win a Better Life Starter Kit. I'll let Random pick a winner Monday morning. If you enter all 5 weeks, you will get a chance to win a year supply of Better Life products!

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better life

Awesome job! Love seeing the progress. I love your site and company, from what I see. Very cool!

Tsh @ Simple Mom

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