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As excited as we are about getting Better Life cleaning products into Whole Foods nationwide (YAY!), we also really love our mom and pop retailers and businesses who sell and use our stuff.  I'm going to start featuring profiles of these places and I need your help!

I live in St. Louis, and no matter how many times I push through a request to visit Papaya Natural Foods in Hawaii, Tim flat out refuses to approve it! hrumph. So, here's what we are going to do. I need you to tell me about your favorite retailer, send a few pictures, tell us why they like carrying our stuff, have some fun! When we use your profile, we'll send you a Starter Kit! woot. Also, if your favorite restaurant or daycare or school or whatever uses Better Life products, tell us about that, too! You'll be like remote Better Life Cleanporters! Just send your story to

So, my first "feature" is for my favorite natural baby shop. I'm super lucky to live in The Lou, because it is also the home of Cotton Babies.  Cotton Babies is the creator of bumGenius, Econobum, and Flip cloth diapers. Though, I have to admit I have only used bumGenius. But, that's because I love them. I haven't had the need to try any of the others, though if I were starting from scratch, the Econobum looks like a helluva deal.

So, I headed into Cotton Babies to get few new diapers, since my last two were girls we're a little pink heavy.


And here we are. Cotton babies carries the entire line of Better Life cleaning products. (Maybe they should get a 2am Miracle refill station, no?) Safe for babies. Safe for the planet.

It's a lovely store. So bright and calming. They have a little soft seating section with some toys for the little ones, where they hold Resource Center Classes on diapering and baby wearing. They have story times and play groups. It's just a neat gathering space for moms. While I was shopping and taking pictures and talking to the crazy-friendly staff (who bring their babies to work with them) my two daughters were playing with the dollhouse while another mom sat on a couch and nursed a baby.  When it was time to go, Fiona told me she wanted to live there. Me too, me too.

And the Chub-i-nator got new diapers.


I know. He's ridiculously chubbilicious.


I love Cotton Babies' commitment to the benefits of cloth diapering. They have a real passion for it. They have started a program called "Growing up in Cloth" where you can sell back your gently used diapers so that others can purchase a stash of affordable, high quality used diapers.  They also have a program called Change 3 Things: Change you, your baby, and your planet. With the goal of getting 10,000 parents to commit to change just 3 cloth diapers a day.

If you have any questions about cloth diapering they have a couple of pages of resources.

Change 3 Things

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