Joining "Project: Simplify"

The Frowzy House is joining Simple Mom and her get ready for Spring organizational binge called Project: Simplify.

I'm pretty excited about this! For the next 5 weeks Simple Mom will be guiding us through 5 hot spots to declutter and organize. Each Monday she will tell us our project and then on Friday we will post the picture of our before and after.  I really like the idea of being told what to do (for 5 weeks), knowing that I am not alone doing the tasks, and being given a definite deadline. These are all PERFECT for the ADD house that we live in. Plus, organizing these hot spots is perfect prep work for the big SPRING CLEAN.

If you post your pictures on the Simple Mom Flickr page or write a post about it on your blog, you will be entered to win a weekly prize from Simple Mom.  You can see the guidelines on her website. Click the button above/

If you post a picture on our Facebook Page, we will pick a weekly Starter Kit winner, as well. If you participate in all 5 weeks, you'll be entered to win a YEAR SUPPLY OF BETTER LIFE.

So get ready! We start on Monday March 7th!

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Yay! I need this!! Count me in!


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