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I introduced you to my odd cat Crinkle McSunshine (not to be confused with my super-cool cat, Po-Po) last week. She and her brother were rescues from an alley litter and she's always been a little special.

That's her lurking in the background. She does that a lot.

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You're not allowed to touch her. She prefers if people would just pretend like she's invisible. It's rather unnerving sometimes. My oldest son and I would freak ourselves out watching her because sometimes she looks like she's an automaton. *shudder* I'm getting the heebee jeebies just thinking about it.

Crinkle and I are having some problems. Even though she was fixed very early in her life she has suddenly, at 3 years old, taken to spraying the walls in my house. This is NOT ok. We have been to the vet twice. She is perfectly healthy, her environment has been stable, there has been no change in any of her other weird behavior, and her litter box is changed nearly every day. I added another litter box, no dice. I was sent home with an odd little plug-in air freshener thingy that emitted cat pheromones into the air and was supposed to calm her and make her stop.

A.) it gave me a headache.

2.) I have a 2 year old who won't leave anything plugged in, so I found the stupid thing all over the house. and

furthermore) she just moved to a new spot.

I'm taking her back to the vet this week to try some kitty prozac that will hopefully end this craziness once and for all. Because folks, I can't have a cat peeing on my walls. It is driving me insane. I was told to clean up the spot with a deodorizing cleaner and then spray the spot with diluted vinegar to cancel out the smell so the cat won't spray there again. Then I spray the spot with the cat pheromone stuff that is supposed to make her happy and calm. And she doesn't spray there again...she finds some place new.

My only saving grace has been the miracle of 2am Miracle. I know. I know. It says "Nursery Cleaner" on the bottle. And I can attest that it works miracles there, too. But, as far as cleaning up the smelly cat pee, it has been amazing.  Think of it as a deodorizing What-EVER. It is completely multi-purpose. Anything that I need to get the stink to go away from, I use 2am Miracle. My trash cans, cat litter boxes, diaper pails, couch cushions, even a post "night time accident" mattress.


Just as Better Life has its rabid What-EVER fans, we also have our devoted 2am Miracle fans. Our Facebook wall is full of 2am love. errrr...by that I mean comments by its fans:

Pamels H. says "2am Miracle is great for dog puke too."

Rhonda D. says "2am Miracle has been miraculous for us and we don't even have a baby...well, not a human baby, but a cat baby! Everyone should have a bottle of this stuff, it helps me when the cleaning of 'yucks' gets me down."

Kim M. says "LOVE the 2 a.m. Miracle for cleaning up during potty training accidents - Evan can spray it himself since it's safe, & he feels important when he can help."

Nicole L. says "We used 2AM Miracle to clean Ben's car seat after he got car sick this week - it worked really well! And we keep 2AM Miracle in the laundry room as a stain lifter, it works better than Tide!!"

Debbie S. says "2AM works really well for feline & canine poo & pee :)"

Jessica B. says "I use 2am miracle as a carpet/ furniture refresher, then vacuum. It gets tough spots out and smells great...all while my baby girl is in the house."

Nicole P. says "I used the 2am miracle to get grape jelly out of my son's white shirt. Simply amazing."

Ann H. says "Spring has sprung and so have the bugs. I have heard that bugs hate lavender. So, I use 2am Miracle everywhere that bugs appear and it seems to help. Plus, I just love lavender. Thanks for making a cleaning product that makes me want to clean and that keeps creepy crawlies away from my kiddos."

So, as you can see, I am not the only one crazy about 2am Miracle and it's for way more than just nursery use. I know it's a favorite over at the Barklage house, too. And when you order a starter kit, you can add a bottle on to your kit!

Soooo...any cat whisperers out there?

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We do have the 5 gallon cubes!


Do you sell it in gallon jugs? Almost everything in my brother’s house has been peed on by either one of the cats or the baby.


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