Before you recycle...REFILL!

After spending a frustrating 45 minutes searching the house for the bottle of WOW so I could wash the Humphrey snot off the front window, I walked into my daughters' room and found the entire Better Life line of cleaning products lined up on the windowsill. When asked, they told me they were reading all of the things that the cleaners wanted to become. huh?



oh. That's pretty silly.

I'm a big time recycler. I'm kind of an obsessive, self-righteous bitty about it. I cannot fathom NOT recycling. It makes me crazy visiting my in-laws, because there is no recycling center anywhere near their house so they throw away everything. *cringe* People can debate the whole climate change thing as much as they want, whatever. But, our trash problem is pretty darn irrefutable.  In any case, only 28% of recyclable plastic actually gets recycled. I was flabbergasted by that number. (In case you were wondering what that looks like, my 6 yr old son made a handy guide.)

While the Better Life bottles are, of course, completely recyclable, we can save even more energy, more carbon emissions, more landfill space, and even more money! Simply refill the bottle at one of our Refilling Stations! (I'm told you can reuse a plastic bottle at least 25 times. The trigger may go first.) It's crazy simple. You take your empty bottle of, let's say, all-purpose cleaner back to a fine store such as Local Harvest Grocery in South St. Louis.


And you take it over to the refill station, fill it up, and then pay a fraction of the price of a new bottle.

At Kellygreen Home in Los Angeles, CA you can even refill Kitchen Sink and 2AM Miracle! How cool is that?

Now, I think this idea is GENIUS! *Oprah singsong* And I'm not alone. A Kellygreen customer wrote us:

Hello there!

I wanted to write a quick note to say how much I am enjoying your cleaning product! Recently I bought the What-Ever all purpose cleaner and I am more than pleased with it. I am also extremely happy that I can refill the bottle at Kelly Green - a store in Silverlake, CA. What a great concept.

So keep up the good work and thank you again!

Keeping Clean,
Melaney S.

But sadly, in my opinion, there are only a handful of retailers offering this service.

Local Harvest: (STL)
Home Eco: (STL)
Winslow's: (STL)
Green Grocer Chicago: (Chicago) (Ask at the counter.)
Kelly Green home: (LA)

UPDATE! Just added:
Backdoor Vacuums and Homekeeping: (Uxbridge, MA)

If you agree that this is a fabulous idea, ask your local retailer about offering the refill option.  If they don't have the shelf space, like at Green Grocer, they can keep the cubes in back.  It's just one more way we all do what we can to do our part.


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Green Grocer in Chicago no longer offers this service. Does anyone know of anywhere else in Chicago that does?


oh rats! We don’t have any others in Chicago. Perhaps you can ask your local retailer about it. I think it is such a great program! I just wish more customers had access to refill stations.


I don’t think so, but I’m verifying…


That’s great to know! Thanks, LL!


Yeah! I’ll be hitting Local Harvest!


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