January 19, 2011

Whatever Wednesday: The Unsightly Armpit Edition

Better Life vs. The Frowzies Whatever Wednesdays

Whatever Wednesday is when we explore all the different ways that our natural cleaning spray can be used around the house. It is an amazingly versatile little workhorse and because it is so safe and friendly, the uses are endless. If you'd like to share the unique ways you use What-Ever in your life, post a link in the comments.


Our lucky One Year Supply winner and rabid Better Life fan, Christine L., told us on our Facebook page about one of her novel uses of What-EVER all-purpose spray. She said she uses it to remove deodorant marks from her clothes before going out. Would you have ever thought of such thing?! Me either! But, luckily we have some pretty crafty fans who love telling us what they do with What-EVER. Well, after hearing about this armpit thing, I had to give it a try.

Ladies, you know the scenario. You have showered, buffed, moisturized, perfumed, coiffed, make-upped, and you are looking oh so fetching and are now ready to put on that sizzling hot, little black dress that flatters your figure perfectly. You slip it over your head and then... CURSES! White streaks from your "invisible" deodorant.

Christine L. says "Whatever." So I did, too. I rubbed a stick of "invisible" antiperspirant/deodorant on each shirt and then sprayed What-EVER onto a clean microfiber cloth and did a little finger scrub at the mark. First on Mr. Frowzy's wool sweater. Not much of a surprise. Wool pretty much gives up everything.


Then, on my Poly/spandex blend running shirt. Well done.


Then, on my dry clean only nylon/lycra top. No problem.


Then, the biggest challenge. A black 100% cotton T-shirt.


ok. wow. That one really surprised me. It needed a little extra "scrubbing" but it came out. You guys think of everything!