Whatever Wednesday~The Dirty Wall Edition

Whatever Wednesday is when we explore all the different ways that Whatever spray can be used around the house. It is an amazingly versatile little workhorse and because it is so safe and friendly, the uses are endless. If you'd like to share the unique ways you use Whatever in your life, post a link in the comments or email me and tell me about it. kate at cleanhappens dot com

If there is one job I hate, I mean hate with a white hot passion, it's washing walls. And in a house with a bunch of kids with filthy hands and idle crayons, walls must be washed. This is usually a punishment job at the Frowzy house. When a child can't seem to keep their hands to themselves no matter how many warnings and interventions, they get wall duty.

When I wash the walls, I like to use a bucket and rag. I've been working on Tim to put out a Whatever concentrate, because there are some jobs that just aren't spray and wipe and you don't want to dump a 1/3 of a bottle of Whatever into a bucket. But for now, I make do with a bucket and slightly diluted Whatever. Until recently, I have used those "erasers" to wash my walls. They were extremely effective and a little addicting. But, there were the controversial and refuted stories about children getting "chemical burns" from the product. Even though they were disproved, 3M still felt the need to issue an apology in 2007 and said they would add a warning about the potential adverse reaction to contact with the skin. A burning, itching skin rash might be just a little too much punishment, even for me, and they were taken off wall duty. Enter Better Life products and the zero risk of adverse reaction. Needless to say the kids were thrilled! Wall duty was back on.

The absolute worst walls in our house are the stairway to the second floor. They get disgusting in very little time. See:
Stairway walls pre-Whatever

Stairway walls pre-Whatever

And here is the after. Pretty remarkable.
Stairway walls post-Whatever

It really cleaned the dirt quite easily. I tried it on crayon and again, came off with little effort. The only thing that took a bit of scrubbing (and sometimes a LOT of scrubbing) was pencil, which surprised me. But, all and all the work was fast and easy.  If only it would fix chipped paint and holes in the drywall.

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I’ve found that with pencil and other cleaning products – the best thing is to take an eraser and erase it! So, I want to know – is that after a kid cleaned the stairway or after YOU cleaned it? :p


That was my handiwork!


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