Natural Green Cleaning Products Offer Safe Alternative for Parents

Parents and caregivers can do more to protect children and prevent childhood poisonings related to common household cleaners. Despite a decrease in the number of incidents, a study led by Dr. McKenzie at Nationwide Children’s Hospital being released in the September issue of Pediatrics, finds there are more than 1.2 million poison exposures to children under 6 each year in the United States. According to the study, the second most common cause of pediatric poisoning is kid swallowing a household cleaning product.

Better Life, innovators in safe and effective green cleaning products, recommend buying and using products that are safe for children and pets. The company’s line of household cleaners was developed with the safety of families, pets, and the environment in mind. “Our products are made entirely from natural products. They do not contain the harmful ingredients found in traditional cleaning products-which even used in moderation have the potential to be unhealthy for people, not to mention dangerous if accidentally swallowed by children,” says company co-founder and formulation chemist, Kevin Tibbs.

Traditional cleaners are often attractive to young children who like the colorful liquids that smell good and have “squirt-gun” type nozzles. It is the household cleaning products that are stored in spray bottles that are the leading source of child poisonings according to the recent 17-year study. In fact injuries from cleaners stored in regular bottles and containers decreased, yet spray-bottle injuries increased during the study period.

Experts recommend storing household cleaners in a locked cabinet, making sure cleaners have child-resistant packaging, and keeping all products in their original containers. Better Life co-founder, Tim Barklage agrees, but goes a step further by maintaining that safe products, made entirely from natural products are the best way to ensure children are not exposed to or swallow harmful chemicals. “The products you use in your home should not result in an unhealthy home. As dads, Kevin and I simple wanted to develop green cleaners that were good for our kids, your kids, the planet, and also worked. We are proud that the cleaning power behind all Better Life green cleaning products comes directly from plants and vegetation that Mother Nature provides.”

“It all comes down to creating products that exceed expectations in performance and safety,” says Barklage. “The company’s entire line of cleaners is unmatched in safety-for kids, pets, and the environment- and unbeatable in performance.”
Started in 2008 by Barklage and Tibbs, two dads who were concerned about their children’s exposure to harmful chemicals, Better Life’s line now includes a range of green cleaners that are safe and effective. Better Life green cleaners include the popular all-purpose cleaner, “what-EVER!”, as well as a gentle scrubber, and specific cleaners for the nursery, glass, wood, floors, stainless steel, granite and other high-end stone surfaces.

Better Life products are available at select markets nationwide and on-line. Local stores as well as on-line retailers can be found by visiting the company’s website (

The entire national study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy and The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital can be found on-line and in the September issue of Pediatrics (

Founded by two dads in 2008, Better Life, offers a safe and effective line of green cleaners including an all-purpose cleaner, gentle scrubber, and green cleaning products designed for specific surfaces throughout the home. All Better Life products are safe for kids, pets and the environment. Better Life green cleaning products work- meeting or exceeding the performance standards set by conventional cleaners.

Tim Barklage

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