The Father's Day List... the Whatever Wednesday edition

When people ask how I do it with so many children, the first words out of my mouth are "my husband." Seriously. I have a rockin' awesome husband who happens to be a rockin' awesome dad. period. Sure, he has plenty of flaws, but my perfections make up for that, but he/we have made a conscious choice to put family before everything else. And as I said, he does it well. For example:

scene: Dinner time at the Frowzy house. This scene plays itself out the exact same every single night. We eat dinner at 5:00p. At 5:30p every night Oliver excuses himself from the table and goes to the bathroom to take a poo. every night. And then every night Oliver calls Bob from the dinner table to come wipe his butt. There is no variation in this scenario. And I admit, that I encourage none.

Oliver: Daaaaaaaaaad! Could you come wipe my butt?!
Bob: Are you serious?! Why?! Why can't you wipe your butt?!
Oliver: Because. I neeeeed you!
Bob: But why does it have to be me?! Why can't Mommy come wipe your butt?!
Oliver: (clearly confused.) But. It's your job.
Bob: How is that my job?!
Oliver: (exasperated.) Because you are the Buttwiper!

yeah. so get to work.

hee hee. Buttwiper.

So, what does one get the Best Buttwiper in the World (other than a coffee mug that says, "Best Buttwiper in the World?")  Well the Mother Nature Network thinks Better Life's Starter Kit is the perfect gift for Dads!  I love this on many levels. But, then we shouldn't be so surprised. After all, it was two rockin' awesome dads who invented this stuff and started the company!

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i always use Ceramic Coffee mugs because they are quite tough, i dropped them on the floor without breaking,~:

Courtney Lloyd

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