How to feed a family healthy food on a budget...intro

Ok, so no schlepping cleaning products today.

Have you guys seen this?

I found this incredibly sad and depressing, to say the least. Now, granted my veggie eating kids would not have recognized a beet or an eggplant because I have never cooked them before. (I know! I know! I'm going to start cooking the eggplant! ok and the beet.) But, this video just illustrates how far removed we have become from our food.  And as far as children are concerned that could be a couple of different problems.

1.) Our kids aren't helping in meal preparation.

2.) We are eating way too many processed foods.

Right. So, we need to prepare and eat more whole, fresh, foods. We have all read the studies about the impact of pesticides on our bodies (including the new one linking ADHD and pesticides) and about the ingredients in processed foods and the link to obesity. We would prefer to buy organic and not fill our own and our children's bodies with poisons. Wouldn't we? I know I would. But let's face it, we're on a limited food budget. My food budget for our family of 8 is $600 a month. period. Not, around $600 a month. But, $600 end of story, or roughly $150 a week. Is it even possible to feed a family organic, healthy fruits, veggies, and meats for that kind of cash?

Yes, it is. But, it takes some creativity and some upfront investment. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share the way the Frowzy family is able to make this happen. Again, we are not purists. My kids eat up bowls full of Honey Nut Cheerios and occasionally even Frosted Flakes, like any other kids. And is a life without giant bins of florescent orange cheese balls really worth living? But, we do what we can to get the best foods into our bodies and along the way build a stronger community.

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