May 10, 2010

Wow vs. The Frowzies' Window

There are some things that we don't ask a child. One of them being, "Why? What were you thinking?!" Because 9 times out of 10 the answer is going to be, "I don't know." or "Because."  This was one of those cases.

why ask why?

I had been outside taking pictures for a future Whatever Wednesday while the two youngest Frowzies were eating lunch. I was outside for all of 5 minutes. Can you guess what they were having? Yep. Peanut butter sandwiches.  Humphrey, God love him, decided to help by cleaning up the mess.

Humphrey cleans the window

Well, it did help frankly. (I still can't imagine how people have children without a dog around to help with the preliminary cleaning.)  Which left me with this. A smeared, oily mess on top of older dried, crusty hand prints and dog snot.


Enter Better Life.  Can a window cleaner without ammonia or even vinegar clean this to a streak free shine?  It can. and it did. (Though to be fair, the peanut butter part needed a second spray and wipe to get all the oily smear.)

I Can See Clearly Wow!