Whatever Wednesday...the cloth diaper edition

Whatever Wednesday is when we explore all the different ways that Whatever spray can be used around the house. It is an amazingly versatile little workhorse and because it is so safe and friendly, the uses are endless. If you'd like to share the unique ways you use Whatever in your life, post a link in the comments or email me and tell me about it.

I know I covered poo last week. And don't worry we will get into uses for Whatever other than poo in the future. But today I wanted to share another daily use for Whatever in the Frowzy house.


One thing the Frowzy house goes through a lot of...is diapers.  Average babies in America will use approximately 6,000-10,000 diapers from birth to underwear years.  Statistics show the number of disposable diapers that end up in landfills in the U.S. alone are more than 21 billion each year. That's a lot of non-biodegradable trash and a LOT of untreated human waste. That grosses me out. My brother and sister-in-law who live in and dive in Palau, said that it gets even worse in less industrialized countries because the diapers are just thrown into the ocean.  Yvonne told me they hall up huge trash bags filled with disposable diapers from the bottom of the ocean.  That really grosses me out.

So, the Frowzy family has been a consistent user of cloth diapers. Remember I said that frugality and "green-ness" commonly go hand in hand? That is especially true for cloth diapers. I have used the same set of Motherease diapers (with the replacement of a few covers) for 5 babies now.  That saves A LOT of money and keeps A LOT of grossness out of the world. Does that mean when we go on vacations that we don't cave to use their disposable counterparts? or when I'm sick? or when your 18 month old goes to bed and removes her diaper every night so that you have to use a disposable so you can duct tape it on? No. We do use them periodically. Remember we are not purists. But, it grosses me out every time.  Day to Day use is cloth.

Where does Whatever come into this? Whatever is a great pre-treater for your diapers after you washed the "solid waste" (aka poo) into the toilet, but before laundry day.  Some "solid waste" can leave a stain, especially the breast milk waste of the newborn. But, a spray of Whatever before tossing into the pail goes a long way in keeping them white. Because there are no additives, colors, fragrances, or brighteners Whatever won't effect the absorbency of your diaper and won't add pollutants into the environment.

It's a win-win!

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I have used it to pre-treat other laundry without any problems with color fabrics. I have had great success with strawberries and grass (with a little scrubbing) but not so much with blood or wine (though to be fair, both stains had been left for several days.) I think the key is to pre-treat right away.


Brilliant! I’ve ordered mine. Have you tried this on other clothing as a pre-treat? What does it do to colored fabric??


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