Meet the Frowzies!

Frow-zy: adj. habitually untidy or messy. negligent of neatness.

Hi there! I'm Kate Frowzy.  I'm the new blogger here at Better Life in a new column we're calling "Better Life vs. The Frowzies." I'm wife to Bob Frowzy and mother of soon-to-be 7 Little Frowzies.  The oldest Frowzy has flown the nest already, so you won't be seeing as much of him.  Here are the younger Frowzies.

And there's this guy. Humphrey, our two year old St. Bernard.

As you can imagine, this crew creates a lot of chaos and a lot of dirt. We live, laugh, and love in an old, old house in the city of St. Louis. This blog will be a documentation of keeping our lives clean using Better Life Cleaning Products. I think The Frowzies present the Better Life guys with quite a challenge. We'll see if "clean happens" in everyday terms.

What the Frowzies are NOT:

We are NOT purists on any level. So, if you like to catch people in those "HA!" moments, you can go ahead. There will be lots of them.

I am NOT a green expert. We do our best trying to minimize our footprint in this world, and as a big family much of that is intrinsic. We must be frugal, and most dollar stretching is ultimately "green." We do our best to support our local businesses and farmers and we are committed to urban living.

I am NOT a decorator. I don't care if you make fun of our couch or our lack of knickknacks. If someone came down and granted me a free house decorating and did all the work and purchasing, I would be ecstatic. But, I just don't care enough to bother with it myself.  Not to mention, I have 6 little kids. Football gets played in the house, People! You think I'm going to pay $3000 for a sofa that will ultimately be the end zone? Ain't going to happen. We scavenge a lot of our stuff. I don't think we have paid for a TV in 12 years. There is a time and place for everything. Right now is neither the time or the place for the Frowzies to have a showcase home.

I look forward to getting to know you all. If you have any cleaning challenges, please let me know! We will give it a go and post the results here!

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sometimes I motivate msyelf by taking “before cleaning” and “after cleaning” pictures. And sometimes I take “before cleaning” pictures thinking it will motivate me, and then I’m called away by the baby, the computer, the sewing, the sisters, the soccer, the read-to-me-mommy, the telephone… pretty much everything gets a priority over cleaning around here!


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