BETTER LIFE on TV (Show Me St. Louis)

Below is a link to a news segment that was shot on the 10/18, with a great local program. I thought it turned out really nice. If you have a chance to give it a rating, by clicking on the star icon in the video window, we would certainly appreciate it!

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I saw the product on Show Me St. Louis and I went out today and bought the All-Purpose Cleaner and the Floor Cleaner. I was looking for a product that would disinfect (I have two kids) but was also natural. It smells great, unlike the vinegar that I would use to clean. Your products work great and I will be using them from now on. I already told my mom and sister about them, and I plan on telling others.


I first purchased the Better Life products at Costco and haven’t found anything that cleans our shower better than the Better Life Whatever cleaner. I also love the “I can see clearly Wow” Window cleaner. I hate cleaning windows and this product does not streak! Thanks!!!


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